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For as long as I could remember, I was the "fat" kid. I remember wearing a women's XL dress in my grade eight graduation picture, buying plus sized clothing throughout high school and having my prom dress custom made, buying men's pants with a size 40 waist in university, but throughout, I never having the guts to step on a scale despite the belly that hung over my pants.

Finally, in second year of university, something in me snapped. I finally did step on that scale and it told me that I was just  over 230lbs with my 5'6 frame. It was then that I embarked on my first REAL attempt to lose weight and get healthy.  Following Body For Life, I whittled myself down to a low of 175lbs, something of which I was quite proud. I could finally shop in regular stores, buying clothes my friends could and felt GOOD about myself.

But in 2005, a trip to the doctor to get my migraines in check gave me a reality check about my weight and health issues. I was back up to 205lbs and struggling with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor told me that I had the option of diet and exercise or a lifetime of pills. I wondered if this was my fate at 25, what would happen to me at 45? Would I even make it that far?

So I went home and I joined Weight Watchers Online. A year later, I was 70lbs lighter and caught the running bug. Since then, I've completed dozens of 5ks, 10ks, 10 mile and half marathons. Even a 30k, too. Weight Watchers even decided to make me a Success Story. Fancy that, eh?

 As time goes on, my weight fluctuates. I gained some weight back and I lose some of it again.  My struggle with food goes on, and I may have developed a love/hate relationship with running. I've even started to coach run clinics at the Running Room.

The things that never change are my mission to lead a healthy life, to keep exercise a part of my routine and to not let the past ruin my future.

I come here to empty my brain here several times a week. Writing is cathartic for me (and even a part of my day job) and if it helps someone get through their own struggle with weight loss, so much the better :)

But if there's something you want to ask me that's not addressed anywhere here, feel free to email me at marie [at] mousearoo [dot] ca.
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