I’m a better follower

I fully admit I’m not the best teacher.

There are times where my brain seems to fire too fast and my mouth doesn’t keep pace or I end up taking the long way to arrive at my point and I scramble to find answers to questions. This is why I prefer to write so that I can arrange all of my thoughts and try to make some sense of things. Emphasis on the TRY.

When Hulk made the decision to run, I was 100 per cent behind him. To help him train, I created a free plan using smartcoach on Runner’s World. I had him running less frequently but overall faster than I would because I wanted him to have a great time. Yonge Street 10k - Look at me go! Photo courtesy of Linda

Now, I never noticed that runner speak was that complicated. I never had trouble distinguishing between steady, speed, tempo or long runs so I wasn’t prepared for questions or having to justify why training plans are built the way they are. I’ve just trusted the training plan and couldn’t see why anyone else could not. This caused me to get unnecessarily frustrated on several occasions. I had to learn that not everything is a simple as I think that it is and be more patient because it wasn’t my race.

So after several weeks of training, Hulk made it to the finish line, and faster than I had him target – 50 minutes! Sadly, he may have been able to go even faster if he hadn’t been following my advice. Sorry!

The Yonge Street 10k was a great race for him, for jainey who again improved on his kickass time, and our friend Pepper, who also had a PB. As for me? Well, I finished and that’s all that ever matters.

So what now? Well, Hulk is now mulling over the option to run a half in the fall. Or next year.

I have to say, despite my never wanting a partner that runs, I am REALLY enjoying our Sunday runs together. And by together I mean that I tell him to start running, I watch him run WAY ahead of me and he’s already showered and dressed by the time I get back from the run.

And so the training continues.


cinemarie said...

Congrats on the race :)
I can relate about the writing/teaching/getting to the point - I'm the same :) It's hard to believe though because you write so well!
Glad you and the Hulk run 'together' - I used to find it very motivating when S and I ran went out for a run together, even if I could just see him in the distance ahead of me...

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Hey there! I just send you a message, but I have no idea if it went through. I just wanted to say congratulations on your engagement!!! It looks like a lot has happened to both you and I since I've been gone. I was so pleased to find your blog still active. So many I have checked are not. I plan to stick around for awhile this time. I promise.

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