New Year = New Running Plans

I’ve always felt blessed to have made some great friends through my adventures in running. It’s been amazing that I’ve also been able to share the sport with important people in my life. From my little brother inspiring me to run my very first 5k to friends made at different Running Room clinics in the GTA and now having friends take up running and sharing their triumphs, I have so much to keep me motivated.

Last year was a big year for me and I was lucky to have Hulk see me through an injury that I thought was going to crush my dreams of running the New York marathon but instead saw him cheering me along the way of 26.2 mile journey.

What I didn’t know was that our Big Apple experience left a huge mark not only on me but on him as well. My post-marathon mantra of “NEVER AGAIN!” was met with “Really? I think that I want to run one now.”


I know that I’ve said before that I never want to have a runner as a partner but I feel as though this is different. This is him wanting to share in that experience. It’s not about comparing pacing, talking race strategy and training methods.

And with that, we’ve planned to run the Toronto Yonge Street 10k together in April, with our lovely friend Pepper* and hopefully Jainey.

He’s already looking at a goal time and I’m trying to help him with a training plan. My plan is just to show up and run. My only goal for the race is to cross the finish line and give him a giant hug.


*name changed to increase awesomeness

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