Good/Bad/Ugly–The Comeback Edition

It’s been awhile since I did a GBU and since Christy mentioned it a month or so ago, I promised I would try again. So here it is (just super late):18784-672-20691180

Good – You run a 5k with your friend who just started running and she kicks your ass!
Bad – You HATE running 5ks but do it anyway
Ugly -  You have a good race but later see that your finish line picture is THROUGH SOMEONE’S ARMPIT.

Bad – The clinic is tapering for a race next weekend. Your race is in 25 days.
Ugly -  The prospect of running more than 25k on my own this weekend.

Good – Getting through training relatively unscathed and mostly injury free!
Bad – What’s this? A cold? NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Ugly -  Coughing and sneezing so much that you seem to have hurt your neck so badly you can barely turn your head.

Good – Chicken soup is good for a cold, right?
Bad – What do you mean there’s gluten in just about EVERY brand of soup?
Ugly – Hot water is not chicken soup.

Good – Booking your accommodations and flights for NYC WAY in advance. AND you put money aside to pay for the whole she-bang! SMRT!
Bad – Instead using the money put aside for NYC for wedding deposits.
Ugly – The credit card statement that I’ll have to pay before Christmas.

Good – You get your life back after Nov. 3! No more time-sucking marathon training!
Bad – The time you spent running will now be devoted to wedding planning.
Ugly -  The nightmares that I’ve been having about planning my wedding

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