9 1/2 weeks

A not-so-horrible photo of mousearoo running A Midsummer Night's Run 30k - August 17, 2013No, I’m not talking about that skanky movie. This is a family show after all (Hi DAD!). 9 1/2  weeks is how long I’ve been on this current round of marathon training.

I’ve had ups and downs, some from the hills in my neck of the woods and others from twinges felt in my back/glutes, but I’ve made it through without any noticeable scratches (but quite a few bug bites and a horrible tan line despite SPF60). I’ve seen more of my city, although it looks like the country after you complete about 4k north, and am becoming so much more comfortable in my neighbourhood.

I’m also becoming less and less worried about a setback or a strain or another injury *knocks on wood*. I’m running conservatively and fairly smart so that I make it to the finish line in November.

But before that, I made it to a finish line here at home. I ran A Midsummer Night’s run 30k on the weekend with two fantastic people from my new running group. It was their first attempt at the distance ever, even training, so it was a pretty big deal.

I hadn’t planned on it, but I ended up sort of pacing them for the entire race. The end result was a time smack in the middle of my previous benchmarks for the distance and with lots of gas still in the tank. I even felt like I had to hold back at times, which was a great thing as it really ensured that I was not only upright and smiling, but able to walk without any issue the next day without ever setting my sorry butt in an ice bath (something I always had to do last time around).

Usually I am all for running your own race, but my race is in November. This was just a test, and one I passed with flying colours, I think.

I still have 11 weeks to go to help me improve just a little bit more and hopefully the broken butt will truly be behind me.


Born to Run said...

Awesome job!!!

Vickie said...

If I have the right week, a very happy birthday to you!

K said...

I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

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