One Step at a Time

I officially graduated from physio last month, news that made me both excited and paralyzed.

I have had zero issues running more than 10k every weekend since and I feel like my fitness level is almost back to where it was before the broken butt saga began. But hearing the physiotherapist say that my regular visits were no longer necessary stopped me dead in my tracks8963068016_5969c40ba4_o.

Can’t I just keep coming in every week?
What if I’m really not healed?
What if my ass breaks again?
Will it hold up past 13k?
What if it breaks on a long run and I’m stranded?
Will I make it through marathon training?

Yeah, it seems as though I’ve become a bit of a negative nelly about my derriere.

But like other parts of my life, I can’t let fear keep me down. I’ve come so far in the last six months and I need to get my ass ready for the New York Marathon. This means I’ll need to get back into group running, reconnect with my running buddies and ramp up my mileage.

I have a plan and I’m going to just put one foot in front of the other and take it one step at a time.

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