Finish Lines, Fear & Moving Forward

The explosions that occurred at yesterday’s Boston Marathon shook me, hundreds of miles away from the finish line.

It took an event that celebrates so much, brings together so much positivity, and the best that the running community, as well as the greater Boston community, have to offer the world.

When people should have been raising their hands in victory crossing the finish line, they were covering their faces in grief, using their hands to help those who were hurt and comforting those who were in shock and disbelief.Boston 2011

I crossed that same finish line last year in the B.A.A. 5k and stood very close to where the first bomb went off to pose for this picture with my friend, the same friend who was running the race yesterday. Thankfully, she was far away from the finish line when it happened, as was her husband.

Although I felt relief to know she was safe and sound, the event rattles me to the core.

Are community events no longer safe? Should I be worried every time I get in a corral at a large race? Will I be safe at the New York Marathon this fall?

I have no answers. No one has any answers. Yet.

All that I know is that my heart aches for those who lost their lives yesterday, for those who were seriously injured and for those who experienced shock and sadness as a result.

The running community brings people together. I hope that something that was designed to tear people apart, will only bring us closer together and that it won’t ruin future events.

“Being the first to cross the finish line makes you a winner in only one phase of life. It's what you do after you cross the line that really counts.”

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