The Long Road to Recovery

So we’re a month into Project Repair the Rear and physio seems to be going well. It appears as though the cause of the pain has changed (or was always something else and just misdiagnosed), so I’ve been stretching and lunging and having my butt zapped to cure what ails me.

Sounds fantastic, right?

The pain in my ass comes and goes, but has been more of a dull ache than the stabbing pain it once was. I’m finally able to run a few times a week but have been afraid to venture The looooooooong road - by jechasteen on sxc.hubeyond 30 minutes or 5km and haven’t run outside since June of last year.

Until now.

See, my little brother planted an idea in my head and now I’m pushing my limits. We always signed up for a 10k down Yonge Street and then the Pride Run since I started running. But last year I could only do the latter and still struggled to finish pain free.

So armed with a goal, I have a plan. A training plan.

I’ve been loosely following the Running Room’s 10k training plan in order to run the Sporting Life 10k in May. It’s technically not the same race as the one I’ve run before (as there was a huge kerfuffle over this race and now there are two), but it gives me more time to work on my butt so that I can run it without major issues/pain.

And that will hopefully get me on my way to training for the ING New York Marathon. Because who wants to pass up the opportunity to run that when my entry is guaranteed? Not me!

So with a couple of 6ks and an 8k under my belt now, I’m definitely beyond limiting myself to 30 mins or 5k.

I think I’m back.


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yumke said...

Yay, welcome back and do take it easy rather than rush back to distance.

Shrinking Sara said...

Yay, good for you mouse! Looking forward to hearing all about the recovery, training and race reports!

Sam said...

Most Excellent! Can't wait to hear about your recovery and see your bright and shiny face on the race/running scene soon!

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