What We Talkin' About?

*Jay-Z plays in my head*

They Talk, We Live, We see what They say, They say, They say.

Sharing your life on social media is like living in a fish bowl. You put it all out there (or as much as you choose to) and you open yourself up to scrutiny. I don't want to liken it to a celebrity, although I love how at social media and blogging conferences that I have attended there are always groups who feel they are "A-list" or celebs - HILARIOUS - but there are those that others will put up on a pedestal and try to model themselves after. We're not really here to discuss that because I am the furthest thing from a role model but I feel like because I put things out there people feel the need to comment, criticize or offer unsolicited advice at will. 

For instance, my poor bum. Everyone and their dog knew that I injured my psoas earlier this year thanks social media and word of mouth. This injury that took away the activity that I loved and hated, an activity that not only kept me healthy but kept me incredibly social. It left a gaping void in my schedule and left me quite depressed. It sucked to waste money on bibs I couldn't use. It hurt like hell to think I was getting better to only feel pain after what should have been an easy run. It stung even more when people would look at me and say, "well it's been x months now, you SHOULD be healed."

Eff. Me.

It was nice that people were genuinely concerned about my ass. I tried to keep upbeat about it, joking about how I would start a newsletter for it so that everyone would be kept in the know and the Hulk wouldn't have a WTF look on his face when people asked about my bum in front of him. I was seeing a professional to try and fix the problem and weight training to strengthen the muscles. I thought I was doing everything right...

But here we are, about nine months later and I still feel twinges every now and again if I'm on my feet too long, I haven't run any longer than 40 minutes and am too chicken to run outside for fear of getting too far away from home and having to walk back in pain. It hurts even more to have the person who means the most to me in the world tell me that I am not the same person that I used to be because I'm not running like I used to. 

So now I need to think about what my next steps are. What I need to do long-term to get better and if running is in the cards for me. Perfect timing considering this was to be the year that I have guaranteed entry to the New York Marathon

Eff. Me. Again.

While everyone is thinking about what they have to do to lose 15lbs, how to change eating habits or setting out a schedule to run their first 5k-marathon, I'm strategizing for rehabbing my rear-end yet again. 

That's my resolution. 
That's what I'm talkin about.

End of story.

1 comment:

cinemarie said...

Man that sucks! That you have pain... and all...

I really think you should... just kidding ;)

This is a silly quote that comes to mind that I would like to share with you (loosely translated from an arguably "meh" Québécois movie)
"The longer things have been bad in your life, the closer you are to them being good again."

it always makes me giggle. hoping the humor didn't all get lost in the translation...

Just wanted to send positive vibes your way. In the hopes that you feel better soon!

Happy 2013! :)

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