Preaching to the Converted

I like to tell people that I have a red phone to God.

I’m fairly certain that I’m going to hell because of it but thankfully my mother prays daily for me so I’m probably going to be alright. To those who aren’t religious or faithful in any way, shape or form, feel free to bounce now as you probably won’t like the way I’m setting up this post, but I share this little tidbit with people because I work for an institution that is faith centred AND I’m a giant smartass. Because of that, I try to be very careful about what I write and share on every front and censor myself a wee bit. Some who look at my situation may believe that I consider “What Would Jesus Do?” before I take action. Well, they would be WRONG. I actually think, “Will This Make My Mother Shriek in Horror?” before I snap a photo, post something on Facebook, complain about something on Twitter or compose an entry here.

But I haven’t always been so careful or guarded and sometimes I still post a ridiculous photo for a laugh, but the shift has come with age, experience and knowledge, and is still evolving. I sometimes look back on previous posts and laugh out loud at the trivial matters that consumed my life, the issues that I felt were so important, that I felt the need to rant and rave about or climb up on a soap box and act as though I’m an authority figure on.

And I am sorely not.cutout of a preacher in front of a congregation - from tijmen on sxc.hu

Now a pulpit is a regular sight for me here at work and I listen to sermons and lectures from veteran ministers, tenured professors and students alike. I’m given a lot to reflect on daily, and not just on matters of faith, so when I come online to read blogs, I find it hard to digest words that appear to be written from up on high.

So many people speak from experience as though they are experts, have climbed up on lofty perches to spell out the rules that we all must follow to lead better lives:

Thou shalt not go to the drive thru!

Wheat is the devil!

Thou must turn thine life of couch potato-ness into one of fitness!

Marathon runners are gods!

Yeah, no.

But that’s all I read lately. People who are attached to some weird hashtag, getting free stuff out their ying-yang and telling me how to live my life because they’re sponsored by every company under the sun. What is that about?

I did a lot of reflection, introspection and transformation last year. I don’t need to tell anyone else how to live their life anymore, nor do I need to live up to any high expectations in order to be successful in achieving health and well-being by my own standards. I also don’t have to be the person I once was. Living in the past does me no good.

So, I have no secrets. I have no magic formula. There is no golden ticket.

Go find your own. No one is going to find it for you.

So I’ll be over here tracking every calorie in and expending every other one that I can. I’m making good choices, exercising my sore-ass, eating my veggies, taking my vitamins and saying my prayers.

Have to make sure Mom won’t shriek after all.

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Christy said...

LOVED this. That is all.

Actually, no it's not. I found reading those blogs made me feel a whole lot crappier about myself. If they can do it, why can't I? I'm not as good as them, they have the perfect life, I want to be like them, my life sucks (ok, not that drastic, but yes, sometimes!). Without reading them, I'm much happier as I go through my life doing what works for me.

JavaChick said...

“Will This Make My Mother Shriek in Horror?” made me laugh out loud. That is pretty much my barometer as well.

I agree with you on the rest of it as well. I used to get really upset when I would read something presented as 'the solution that will make you skinny and healthy' but I'm kind of over it. We're all different and we have to find our own way.

Amy Muldoon said...

We're the old school bloggers that just blog for the love of health and fitness. And that is why WE are awesome. And hot.

You = the best.

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