The Rip in the Butt That I Needed

Some people have “Ah-ha!” moments but I have spectacular “Uh-oh!” moments.

As you may know, I’ve been avoiding my scale for some time now. At last check some time in the New Year, it had me in the high 160s.  As I was playing guinea pig for my doctor as we tried to figure out my migraine situation, taking me off of one medication, putting me on another and then putting me back on the original one, my weight shot up pretty high and pretty fast. Then when my butt broke down, I sort of gave up for awhile The digital devil and I are no longer friendsand gave in to whatever temptation was in front of me.

So my poor little scale sits neglected on the floor, feeling sad and lonely.

Now some of you (all five of you who probably read this, including my dad) will say that I shouldn’t rely on the scale and I’m doing a good thing. Fair comment. But when I’ve been reduced to wearing only half of the items in my closet because there’s not enough stretch in them to fit over my thighs, something has to give. And something did.

My pants.

I have done this not once, not twice, but now THREE TIMES in the last seven years and each time it has been at a time where I wasn’t comfortable with my body, where I had gained back some weight and had gotten me back on track.

So a week and a half ago, I was straight out of the shower and still damp (not smart), then proceeded to try and stuff myself into an old pair of jeans that I thought still fit. The jeans did not agree and protested, loudly, and then promptly quit. FOREVER.

Oh, the horror.

They are now in denim heaven and I quietly mourn their loss.

But it was that little bit of a wake-up that I needed. Yes, the pictures make me feel bad, the changes I see staring back at me every day aren’t exactly uplifting but I can’t afford to rip the crotch out of every pair of pants that I own!

So that fitbook has been getting a heck of a workout and I look like quite the fool when trying to sit, stand or even raise my coffee cup from getting back into weight training.

Am I the only one with hugely embarrassing ah-ha/uh-oh moments?
Please tell me I’m not alone!


Cowgirl Warrior said...

Your definitely not alone, it's time for me to focus as well

Rebekah said...

I agree, you are not alone...I am getting my focus back after the scale has crept up in the last 2 years.

Amy said...

I still read! xo

Jaime said...

Having just accepted a new job in an office, I'm having to deal with the fact that yoga pants cannot be worn to work. Trying on all of my lovely dress pants and skirts that have been hanging in my closet unworn was all I needed to finally get my shit together. Nothing says 'you've gained too much weight' more than three pairs of dress pants and four cute pencil skirts that can't even shimmy over my arse.

Laura said...

I was at a point where NOTHING fit me ...not kidding at all. It was so embarrassing - to me - and I still think about those times. They may shrink but I still carry that around so it will stay away.

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