No, we’re not talking about the rolls on my abdomen for once. We’re actually talking about my stomach. Yes, the actual stretchy thing way inside of me that holds onto all of the yummy food that I consume and that also causes me endless grief.

Not long after ingesting something I know I shouldn’t have, it feels as though a balloon is slowly inflated within me and I sort of feel like Violet Beauregarde when she chews the all-day gum at the Willy Wonka factory.

I’ve tried experiments with a paleo diet with moderate success in keeping it and me happy and healthy. But then I get a sudden urge to eat pasta, cake and other delicious carby treats and I forget all about my tummy troubles.

Well, my stomach has been angry again in recent months and because I’m far too chicken to Upset Stomachgo and get tested for Celiac (because I don’t think that I actually am but just have some sort of intolerance, I’m sick of being a medical guinea pig plus I don’t think I should have to pay for a test), I’ve just decided to just be gluten-free forever and ever, amen.

Sounds easy, right? Holy friggity-frack is it not!

I can and can’t believe how it’s snuck into every product under the sun and in the weirdest of ways.

Ordering a hamburger can be dicey as who knows if they added breadcrumbs to boost the beef. The need to know every single ingredient in sauces, soups and dips becomes so important. Flour can be used in the production of ice cream?! FOR REAL?! *sigh*

It’s extra difficult for me as it seems that a lot of the items developed as “gluten-free” alternatives also seem to have soy added to them or some other ingredient that is on my migraine trigger list.

Sometimes, I seriously think that I should just live in a bubble.

But the elimination seems to be going well, as it has in the past. I think most of my reluctance to stick with it before stems from appearing to be a bother to those around me as I have such special dietary needs and constantly turning down food that’s put in front of me.

There is NOTHING wrong with saying no to food, especially when it is just going to cause me discomfort. A happy stomach makes for a happy Marie.

Although, no cake does not equal a happy Marie, but we’re working on that. After all, my birthday is in less than a month and there will be cake!!

Did you ever have a hard time giving up something for the sake of your health?
How did you make the decision and stick to it?

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Niffer said...

I will always eat cake on your behalf. I am just that kind of friend.

Vickie said...

Darlin' you are singing to the choir:
Migraines mean I can't tolerate anything that has been processed or preserved or much dairy,
Dizziness issue means I have to REALLY keep my sodium intake low,
GI system has a hard time with wheat and dairy and odd things like beets,

So, yes the produce section is my best friend.

JavaChick said...

I tried cutting out dairy & wheat and it seemed to have benefits for me (cleared up most of my eczema which was wonderful) but I found it very hard to stick to. At the moment I am trying to limit and see how that goes. It's not easy.

JavaChick said...

I tried giving up dairy & wheat for a while and it cleared up most of my eczema, which was wonderful, but I found it really hard to stick to. Now I am just trying to limit the amount of wheat & dairy I eat, we'll see how that goes.

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