Do Not Pass Go. Waste $200.

So I’ve been running. Here. There. Everywhere.I even ran that half marathon that I said I’d never run again.

I ran even more during and after it as I may have told you that I’m planning on running another marathon this May. Crazy, I know. I also planned to run Around the Bay again, a race I actually grew to like despite detesting it the first time, much like the Chilly Half Marathon.

But my plans have come to a screeching halt.a broken donkey - debbiehill on flickr

You see, my bum appears to be broken.

Yes, I know I’m being overly dramatic, but that’s what it feels like. Some muscle in there is not happy with me trying to run said ass off, and now we are at a stand still.

That meant a DNS for Around the Bay. It means at least a month of being poked, prodded, massaged and whatever in an attempt to fix the problem. And that means no marathon in Ottawa.

Cue the tears.

I know this is a time where I have to follow my own advice. I need to see that I want to run forever and not just one race, but it’s also hard not to feel defeated and depressed over the whole thing. Plus, I got stuck with one bib I couldn’t sell and am afraid the same will happen with the marathon entry. Add that to the price of trying to nip this pain in the butt, well we’re just adding insult to injury.

So here’s hoping that I can run the Boston 5k and am back in shape to run the Pride Run in June (join or support team GO SKIRT!) and maybe the full at Maritime Race Weekend. But I’ll work on improving my thundersticks skills, just in case.


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Brooke said...

Hey there! I've been wondering where you've been. So sorry to hear that about your pain in the butt!! At least it sounds good ;) Keep blogging though, I miss you.

Miz said...

ahhh I have a pain in the butt too.

thanks for the update Oh Mousearoo!!

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