Time to Talk

When people ask if I’ve run a marathon, I always say yes.

When people ask what my time is, I always change the subject, clam right up or just say it was brutal.IMG-20111213-00543

So when I received this little reminder in the mail the other day, I decided that it’s time that I actually talk about it.

I know I’ve told you before, but my race was crappy – literally.

I made a lot of mistakes with my nutrition in the weeks leading up to it, and also the night before.

I’m convinced that I’m not Celiac but I do have some sort of insensitivity that seems to come and go. I also have a lot of issues with a LONG LIST of foods that give me migraines but choose to ignore a few of them when I feel like it.

The thing is, I’m good for the most part in avoiding my migraine triggers, I have been since I was 12, but for some strange reason I just can’t cut gluten completely out of my life. Cookies and cakes are just far too delicious.

So most of the time, I suffer silently. My stomach gets very angry with me but I try not to let anyone know.

But when I chose to eat cookies and pasta in the 24 hours leading up to the marathon, my stomach decided to stick it to me during my race.

So after several portapotty breaks and me feeling defeated from 33-39k, I eventually finish my marathon, upright but not so much on the smiley side and in the time seen in black and white on the card above.

It’s not a time of which I am proud. I KNOW I can run faster, have fewer complications and be grinning from ear-to-ear at the finish line if I finally cut these things out. But can I?

Will I?

I’m going to have to because in May 2012, I’ll be running that marathon again.

And I won’t be receiving a card like that in the mail ever again.

Do you have foods that you have to avoid in order to stay healthy?
How do you say no?


Krissie said...

I am working on my "foods that don't agree with running" list. I thought it was about timing, but the farther I run, I realize that's not all it is. (Eggs for lunch = disaster at 6pm run.)

I put 5:30 as my corral time for May and was totally fine with it. Still am. Perspective and expectations are funny things.

I am so excited that you're running another one. We'll virtually train together!

Boris Terzic said...

Your time isn't bad, next time you'll do even better.

hez said...

I feel your pain. I too had stomach problems on my first marathon. For me my problem is not so much sensitivities to food, but the fact that I get bloated on long runs. I've sinced learned that if I wear the right clothing (thank you lululemon and your wide waistbands) then I'm okay, but there was a lot of trial and error. I've also learned that timing of food is really important as well. I can't eat too soon before a race, or I will almost certainly have to make a portapotty stop along the way. In ultras it's to be expected, but I would really like to avoid it in "shorter" races.

I am hoping for a sub 5 hour marathon next year. I know I have the capability of doing that. It's just getting everything to mesh together (mind, body, nutrition, etc.) that I need to work on.

mikesk8s said...

It took me 3 tries to get under 5 hours. For me, it was beating full-leg cramps with a fistful of electrolytes. You will figure it out.

Laura said...

I suck at the marathon and after 3 still RELUCTANTLY call myself a marathoner as my times have been so bad.
I am doing everything totally right this time around. If I 'suck' again...halfs for me.
We have cut out a lot of gluten in our diet and I truly have found it makes a difference. Just a bit more challenging...

nikilee30 said...

You finished a MARATHON! I know how it feels to not be proud of something - whether that be a time completing a race or a number on the scale, but know that you can and will do better!


Sam said...

So glad you posted this. Even happier you're going to run Ottawa again.

You're going to train smart, make good decisions about your food and water intake, and not self-sabotage. It will be awesome, regardless of time.

Miz said...

I miss yer blogging!

Kennedy said...

Marie, I was in your half marathon clinic for STWM 2010 at Commerce Court. Hi! :)
I also recently finished my certification in holistic nutrition. It's so so common to have food sensitivities, especially to gluten. And as a runner, I feel your pain - it's so frustrating not to be able to reach your goals even though you've trained and mentally prepared for months. Nutrition can make or break us.
But there are definitely ways you can cut out gluten completely (or other foods you're sensitive to) and still enjoy sweet treats! Check out my site for some info on my approach. Good luck with your next race!

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