More than Words

Around the age of six, I decided that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

I remember loving every minute of creative writing time in class, having writing contests with my classmates and had a notebook and a pencil near me at all times.

Over the years, my career aspirations shifted from wanting to be a novelist to a journalist to a communicator, but the focus was always on the written word.

I’m a voracious reader, a sucker for a guy with an expansive vocabulary and cringe every time someone at work says “verbage.”

But I’ll also be the first to admit that my grammar, spelling and ability to write coherent copy has also declined in the last few years thanks to medication, laziness and age.

So given my love of language, you’d think that I could come up with a quick answer when prompted to describe herself, right? Sadly this is not the case. In fact, I find my own bio the hardest thing to write to this day.

The sad part of it all is that the first words that I want to use in describing myself can be seen as negative and only physically descriptive. I never think to highlight achievements or personality traits first – the things that actually make me unique and, well, me.

My identity and worth are more than the shell that carries me. Yes, I lament the size and shape of it constantly but I just don’t seem to be in the right head space in which to do anything about it right now. It’s great that I recognize that, but the great things about me shouldn’t be hidden beneath it. I need to focus more on the person that I am and what I put out there versus what people can see on the surface.

Clouds may hide the sun from us every now and again, but negative thoughts/words should never hide who you are from the world.

So I’ll not only focus on finding the right words to describe who I am every day, but living them out so that I don’t have to worry about painting an image of myself that pictures can easily capture.

Do you have a hard time describing yourself, especially in a positive way?
What words describe you?



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H-woman said...

Absolutely! Writing a bio for my website (or an online dating profile) is incredibly difficult!

Words to describe me:
wacky, sarcastic sense of humor
Pisces (hopeless romantic)

That's a pretty good start!

Sasha said...

Urgh. This is my downfall too. I mean, I can yammer on about myself in my blog, there's no lack of egotism there, but bios? Blech.

PunkRockMom said...

"Clouds may hide the sun from us every now and again, but negative thoughts/words should never hide who you are from the world." - LOVE

Laura said...

I am not good about talking about myself at all. I hid behind lots o' humour and I know it.

JavaChick said...

Once, a few jobs ago, upon meeting a new coworker and having the 'tell me about yourself' conversation, I said: "I'm the most boring person here."

These days, I could tell you that I work in software development, I'm married, I have two cats...but that is basically listing facts; when it comes to being descriptive I'm at a loss.

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