In the last 10 years

  • I completed an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate diploma
  • I’ve held three different jobs for three very different organizations and was even jobless for awhile
  • I’ve lived in three different places but all in the same city
  • I’ve gone from over 230lbs to 135lbs
  • I’ve gone from 135lbs to *coughcough*
  • I’ve said good bye to people that I love
  • I’ve watched friendships crumble
  • I’ve watched friendships mend themselves with time
  • I made new friendships that I hope will last a lifetime
  • I went from couch to marathon
  • I grew a whole lot of confidence even if I still act shy at times
  • I’ve travelled from one coast to another to see good friends
  • I’ve watched history being made all over the place
  • I’ve gone on far too many dates
  • I’ve laughed and cried
  • And so much more

Baby Sydney freshly hatchedBut most importantly, I’ve watched this tiny little creature turn into a beautiful young lady who never ceases to amaze me.

She was quiet and perfect the first time I held her in my arms, and the last time I did just a couple of weeks ago, she was full of energy and laughter , but now she could hug me back and completed it with an “I love you, auntie.”

Sydney just two weeks short of her 10th birthday with Aunt MouseNot only does my niece turning 10 make me feel old, but it has made me more reflective and also so amazed that I watched her move from crawling to walking, listened to her baby babble turn into coherent sentences and now have interesting conversations on everything from movies to why her sister is always so  miserable.

Both my nieces and my nephew are blessings and miracles, but their lifespans are also wonderful yardsticks for time gone by and a record of amazing accomplishments.

Although I’m floored by the way she has grown and transformed in her life so far, I too should be impressed with the long list of things that I have done and not dwell on the things I couldn’t do or messed up.

Sure there are regrets, missteps and lows in those 10 years, but there has also been so much happiness, success and highs over the last 3,652 days.

And I thank Syd for making them that much brighter. ♥


Niffer said...

Happy Birthday, Syd!

Jennifer said...

You are a great Auntie Mouse :)

Miz said...

late to the SYD SOIREE---but loving the post nonetheless.


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