Dealing with the Post-Race Blues

About 17 weeks ago, I started yet another clinic with my running wife Sam and we were charged with leading just under 100 people on their quest to finish their first, second, or umpteenth half marathon.

With the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon now over, so too is our clinic.

And now comes the empty and lost feelings.

Training sucks up a lot of time and energy. You devote 3-5 days a week, albeit only an hour of two on those days, to pounding the pavement with a crew that you grow fairly close to and then *whammo* it’s all over when you cross a finish line.

So… uh, now what?

Well, these are some of the activities I’m going to attempt to combat my post-race/clinic blues:

  • Spend time with friends… NOT running
  • Take more classes at the gym
  • Spend more time on my couch
  • Read
  • WALK around the city
  • Count the days until the next clinic on November 17th!

What about you? What do you do after training is over and the race is completed?

**Photo courtesy of my awesome running pal, Mike**


Sam said...

Eat pulled pork and potatoes IN A CUP! Sparingly of course.

Laura said...

I understand the post-race blues all too well. It has been a month since my half and (between being sick and other minor health crises) I have only run once. I need a kick in the pants. I honestly don't remember why I ever liked running to begin with.

Katie said...

Hey Mousie!

I just finished the half too and understand what you mean about the down time. I remedy that by signing up for more races, then going out and buying new gear. Then I tag along with the LTR's on their runs just to keep it fresh. I'm always inspired by their stories.

Niffer said...

I thought I converted you to spin classes. ;)

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