GBU–You can lead a mouse to water edition

Good – A little trip to the east coasta mouse or a lobster - photo credit the amazing niffer.
Bad – Dubbing the trip “Meatfest.”
Ugly – Your stomach after a weekend of mostly meat.

Good – purchasing a lobster hat
Bad – forgetting that you are wearing the lobster hat
Ugly – a lack of sunscreen on a nice walk making you the lobster now

Good – purchasing a mascot for the trip and ordering it well ahead of time.
Bad – UPS shipping.
Ugly – your face after finding the package you wanted to take with you on your desk at work upon your return.

Good – A beautiful wedding by the lake with a perfectly adorable couple and great friends. Fun. Friends. MEAT!
Bad – A beautiful sunset by the lake with a perfectly adorable couple and friends… that you miss because you had too much fun and needed a nap.
Ugly – A beautiful migraine and no medication. Perfection.

Good – Getting your ass to the gym after consuming a donair
Bad – Getting your ass to the gym about an hour after consuming a donair
Ugly – Clenching your ass throughout your run at the gym because of the donair

Good – Laughter. So much of it you may have needed your inhaler at one point
Bad – Tears. Saying good-bye to friends is so hard
Ugly – More tears. From a screaming baby. From Halifax to Montreal.

Good – home to my own bed
Bad – home to my own bed much later than anticipated thanks to being crammed on a plane longer than anticipated
Ugly – home to the wonderful aroma of rotting chicken, left in the garbage bag you forgot to throw out on your way out the door five days ago

All in, fanfreakintastic trip spent with people I adore. Kind of makes me wish I lived there…


Vanessa said...

Meatfest. I love it.

Miz said...

I love love love these.


JavaChick said...

Completely distracted by the fact that there is a wiki entry for Donair, though I guess I should not be surprised. There's a wiki for everything these days, isn't there?

Sounds like a fun trip. Ah, except for the migraine. :)

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