Do one thing that scares you

In the spirit of that whole bursting my bubble thing, I’ve decided to do one thing a week that scares me.

For instance, when I was in Halifax, I went to a spin class at Goodlife with Niffer. Now, this is a big thing because for over a year I’ve been promising poor Sam but finally got the courage to pumpkins are scary, right? Image credit - kgreggain on stock.xchnggo. Now I’m sure she’ll rope me into classes and I’m good with that. I’m actually looking forward to it (after our half marathon clinic is over, of course).

And then there’s putting myself out there and trying to date… again. Now, this generally goes horribly wrong in my world and it seems to have yet again, but I’m trying. I swear.

This week’s thing that scared me was something pretty damn simple - I climbed onto my scale. Yes, the number was pretty shocking and I deserve it, but it’s done. I had avoided it for awhile and I needed to know just how much “fun” costs. Although, my pants had already informed me of such a number. I just needed confirmation.

So what will I do in the coming weeks? Who knows!

I’m open to suggestion.

So hit me with your best shot:
hat do you think would scare me and I should try?
What have you done lately that scares you?

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Angie All The Way said...

Sorry to miss you while you were in Halifax! :-(

Scary? Hmmm....every consider doing a tri?

marie said...

:( Give my twitter craze before, during and after, I thought you knew. Total bummer.

And I can't swim. Maybe I should look into that...

Niffer said...

I think Angie is on to something... you should take a swimming lesson. :)

marie said...

Can I wear my waterwings?

Gene Pool Diva said...

Snowboarding. I was pathetically grateful for the helmet.

What scares me the most? Siblings, mine!

Kathleen Mackey said...

Despite biking around Toronto, I've been curious/worried about doing a spin class because I know it's intense, and probably way more so than the commuting ride. Your post has inspired me to go for it. And congrats to you for doing it, and for the other amazing things I know you will achieve.

Sam said...

I think you and I should do a CrossFit class together! Now that Niffer has popped your spinning cherry . . .

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