Need excuses? I got ‘em!

I think we’ve all been guilty of this at one point or another. We find the weirdest ways to give ourselves permission to skip the gym or eat junk or in some way lead ourselves astray from our otherwise healthy lifestyle.

The following is a list of excuses that I may or may not have recently told myself to justify bad choices:

  1. I can eat the entire bag of chips if I skip dinner.
  2. I ran 18k this morning so I deserve (ice cream/cheesecake/candy/etc.)
  3. A nap is far more important right now. I’ll just get up early tomorrow and run.
  4. Another hour of sleep is far more important right now. I’ll run tonight.
  5. A cheese platter is a terrible thing to waste. I should do my part to help clear it.
  6. I’ll just start again tomorrow.
  7. Bah! It’s 4:30. The gym will be too packed by the time I get there. I’ll just go in the morning.
  8. I should go to the gym but that requires putting on pants and getting off of the couch. I think I should just watch some netflix instead. Yeah, that sounds better.
  9. Everything is ok in moderation!
  10. But we’re celebrating a (birthday/anniversary/Tuesday night). I’m allowed to have a treat.
  11. I don’t want to be the only one turning down dessert!
  12. At least frozen yogurt is better for me than ice cream. OOOH! Toppings?! Yes, please!
  13. I’m tired. I should just end my run here. What’s that? A Bulk Barn? And look at that! Chocolate covered almonds are on sale!
  14. My birthday is X days away. I deserve cake.
  15. “non-fat… with whipped cream.”
  16. Bah! It’s the long weekend! It’s ok!
  17. It’s too hot to cook/run/care/live.
  18. The chips were to help me get rid of the rotten egg taste from that jelly bean.
  19. I am sad. Big Foot candy will make me feel better.
  20. Apples are fruit and fruit is good for you. Let’s just forget that it’s baked in a pie.

So what excuses (if any – don’t leave me hanging here) have you used in
the past to justify some unhealthy living?


Mike Lin said...

Tutti Fruiti is going out of business and they have my favourite imported British chocolate bars at 70% off? This is my lucky day!

(Thanks for the Jelly Belly link - the runners using Sport Beans will never know what hit 'em)

marie said...

ACK! Seriously? Why do you have to tell me these things, Mike?

PunkRockMom said...

15lbs of chocolate covered almonds for $19...how can you say no to that?

It's his birthday, I have to have some of his cake...and a hot dog...and another beer.

I walked for 7 hours around Wonderland; 3 plates at the buffet isn't that bad after that!

The Merry said...

I'm most often guilty of #4 :(

Plus, if you can justify "eating bad" because of a long weekend, surely that means it's okay to have a little treat "just to lift your spirits" when you have to go back to work after a long weekend, right?

Niffer said...

"Meh, f$&k it."

My go-to excuse.

Niffer said...

Oh, and I hear Netflix is awesome ;)

Vickie said...

do I have the date right?
Happy Birthday week?

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