Bursting the Bubble

My niece Sydney and an awfully large bubbleI like to tell people that I live in a bubble. I use it as an excuse when I feel uninformed, appear a bit naive or when I just want to be left alone.

I’m comfortable living in my own little world away from problems, fears and pain, but living in said bubble only keeps me fearful, I think.

It’s odd that at times I’ll do an activity out of fear like running (afraid of being obese again) but then shirk away from others like social events (afraid of being rejected).

I know that I put up walls to protect myself from hurt but it also keeps me away from a whack of good feelings/events/what have you.

So is it that I’m protecting myself or am I holding myself back?

I’m thinking it’s more of the latter. I’ve been holding myself back for a long while with weight loss and even improving my fitness. It’s easier to stay in a comfort zone, eat what I want when I want and sit on my couch rather than focusing on healthy eating and getting in each and every run necessary to achieve my goals.

I can pinpoint when it all started, when life threw me a bunch of curveballs, and even though I briefly overcame it last year, I let it envelop me again this year. I can’t live in this bubble anymore.

Living in a bubble is why I’m still saddled with the extra weight. Living in a bubble made my marathon a miserable experience. Living in a bubble prevents me from getting the most out of life.

So it’s time to pop that bad boy and go back to living life.

Are there things that you do for comfort or avoid out of fear?
How do you get over it and prevent it all from interfering with life?


Heather said...

I have a huge fear of rejection from my peers steming from being bullied as a tween/early teen which holds me back from Tweet Ups and other somewhat open local blogger activities. I haven't overcome it yet but am trying to give myself a pep talk to just go for it. I just hate being in the "hi, I'm fun, can I be your friend?" situation.

krissie said...

Oddly enough? I think I've been afraid of getting to my current weight again. I'm now back where I was when we got pregnant. Did my weight matter? Will we get pregnant again? Will we not? How will I react to that? What do I really want? Am I ready for knowing that I'm physically now the same as I was then?

I get it. And I had to get over it. And I did. And I am. And you can too.

Burst your bubble, friend. We'll all be right here.

Tara said...

Sometimes you're right there in my head. Well, a lot of times. You have a way of putting into words the thoughts that often run through my head.

Maybe we need to keep bursting each others' bubble.


Cat said...

I have walls like you wouldn't believe. I keep them thick and strong so that I can't get hurt again, so I know exactly how you feel. If I don't let people in, they can't hurt me.

I so wish you lived closer so that we could pop our bubbles together (that sounded mildly dirty to my sick mind...)

pop! Pop!


Miz said...

ahhhh I have avoided the neighborhood LAAADIES and lived in my misfit bubble.
The Girl is in kinder
I have to go meet the ladies :)

Wish me luck...

Miz said...

ahhhh I have avoided the neighborhood LAAADIES and lived in my misfit bubble.
The Girl is in kinder
I have to go meet the ladies :)

Wish me luck...

Niffer said...

I learned that I'm the opposite - I have no walls to a fault. I often jump with both feet and end up getting hurt (physically or emotionally). There's really a happy medium out there.

You, however, are beautiful and funny and kind. Your bubble is preventing the rest of the world from loving and appreciating all the wonderful things that you are. And vice versa. SO POP THAT SUKKA!

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