Dear 26-year-old me…

This week you will achieve something truly amazing. You will step on your scale just like you did every week for the last year and a number will stare back at you that you have never seen before. You are now at your goal weight, a weight that you have probably never been since childhood and even then you were deemed overweight. This time, you’re a perfectly healthy weight.

But no one is around to congratulate you or give you a gold star for your efforts as you stand there. You’ll just step off and go about your day, casually mentioning it to your younger brother later on.

26 year old me at goal weightPlease know that you did a remarkable thing and inspired so many people without truly realizing it. You will in a couple of years, though.

For the first time ever, you’re buying single digit clothing sizes and find yourself crying in change rooms. The larges you automatically pick up aren’t the right size anymore. You cry when you put on a small and it fits. Despite the tears, you are so happy with what you have accomplished and the person that you had become.

But you feel like no one understands you.

Yes, there are a lot of naysayers and negative nellies in your life but don’t let it get you down. They were worried that you lost too much too fast and weren’t taking care of yourself. You get angry that they aren’t supportive but please know that they have your best intentions in mind. No one is jealous. No one is making it a competition. It’s just so jarring to see how quickly and dramatically you have changed. You don’t know this now, but you’re going to lose some of your best friends because of this but you’re also going to find some new ones along the way.

Please know that despite all of the changes in your life, people DO understand you.

In a couple of years, life is going to throw you for a huge loop, your ability to maintain your weight is going to disappear, you’re going to struggle with a hell of a lot more than just weight and you’re going to realize how no one was out to get you. They only wanted to support you.

Yes, you lost a lot more than just the weight, but in gaining some of it back, you are also going to gain a lot of perspective.

Goalaversaries will come and go every year and after a certain point you’ll forget to celebrate them altogether and not just because you feel like a fraud with the extra weight that has crept back on.

You realize that numbers on a scale may give you a boost of confidence every now and again, but they don’t define you. You find other milestones to celebrate as your mark of success like birthdays, praise from coworkers, finish line high fives and hugs, laughter, thank yous and breathing in and out with ease.

So congratulations on getting to goal on that lovely July day and celebrate it as you should, but remember to celebrate every day of your life. You’ve got so much more going for you than the digits that stare back at you.

And that needs to be celebrated too. Every. Stinkin. Day.


A slightly older version of you


Amy said...

Not sure what to say... except that I love you. xoxoxoxox

H-woman said...

^ What Amy said.


sarah said...

I am with Amy. Great post. Love this.

Leanne said...

Excellent post, Marie.

Sounds like there has been a lot of growth in the last couple of years. Take care of you, girl.

Sonya said...

I love love love love love this post. So much.

KatieP said...

Brilliant x

Nif said...


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