Because I need it today. And maybe so do you.

Maybe you're not a runner. Switch out running for anything and you’ll find that the same excuses for not doing it plus the same reasons you should be out there doing it.

So why are you here reading and not out there running (or whatever it is you do)?

Can’t see the video? Check out Casey Neistat’s YouTube Channel.
Hat Tip to
Canada Running Series on facebook.


Laura said...

Love this and AMEN!
I so play these games...this morning's run I kept pretending I was in my upcoming 10km race...it was fun.
and I so line run....

Vanessa said...

That was pretty freaking awesome. :)

Lisa Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for this!!

MizFit said...

I am running

african mango said...

Running is one of the most recommended kind of exercise because it has all. It able to work your whole body and hence, really good as a cardiovascular workout. It keeps you fit and healthy.

Nif said...

Love this. LOVE!!!

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