Finding Focus with FitAfterFitbloggin

Well, with the marathon done, um, what do I do now?

Hmm… how about I focus on my health and weight loss again? That sounds FANFREAKINTASTIC! It almost sounds like the focus of this here blog that I may have lost sight of for awhile. Funny that, eh?

I know I mentioned that diet is super duper important and shouldn’t be a secondary thought in my 10 things I learned from the marathon post, but I think I need to elaborate a bit on that as it was my first thought post-race.

AND not only because of my tummy trouble.

Toward the end of my training, I really stopped giving a crap about what I was eating and would just shovel it in my mouth. It also didn’t help that the last month of work included SEVERAL dinners, lunches, receptions, etc. Exit willpower, enter copious amounts of treats. Loverly.

But then I toddled off to fitbloggin and basked in the presence of the awesome MizFit. Her brilliance has given birth to the FitAfterFitbloggin movement helping us to refocus on healthy living. Now you’re probably saying, I didn’t go to fitbloggin! Why should I give a rat’s arse about this?? Well, it’s NOT about the conference or the fitblog chats that happen on twitter. If anything, that conference serves to mark one end and a new beginning. Yes, there were so many positive things that came out of it including friendships and epiphanies, but EVERYONE can have that whether you made your way to Baltimore or not.

THIS is about challenging us all to stay accountable and stay healthy, not inside jokes, swag brags or session recaps. It’s about finding the strength within to build the strength you need to stay in tip-top shape. And then you can brag about that.

So, with the conference over and the marathon finish line crossed, I have to get my head back in the game. I’m taking the pledge. Will you too?

Oh, and we can start by participating in National Running Day. Easy peasey, right?


Kimberley said...

I am indeed taking the pledge...it will be my blog post for tonight.

I am no runner, so I did 20 minutes on the elliptical tonight...and 90 minutes of yoga on Tuesday night and swam 25 lengths on Monday!!! Woohoo!!!

MizFit said...

hows it going??

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