10 Things I Learned Running a Marathon

Can't see the video in your reader? Head over to my YouTube Channel.

My video rambles and is probably confusing, so here are my 10:

  1. You NEED to stick to your training. Hills, speed, tempos are key!
  2. Diet is important! Avoid the "I can eat whatever I want" attitude!
  3. Cross-training should be mandatory! Helps with injury prevention, strength, saves sanity and so much more!
  4. Ice baths are  your friend! TRUST ME!
  5. I big puffy heart compression socks! 
  6. Rain can be a good thing. Soak it up ;)
  7. I am THE MASTER of negative talk and being defeatist. THIS. MUST. CHANGE.
  8. Crowd support is key! Get out there and cheer!
  9. I truly have amazing friends; running and regular. 
  10. I CAN DO THIS. And I did. Just don't ask me if I'll do it again ;)


Lynn's Life said...

You said it Marie, you are a MARATHONER!! :) Huge congrats to you, what an accomplishment! I loved watching the vid and hearing all about it.

Kimberley said...

Love the video and the top 10 list. Congratulations on your awesome achievement!!!

Amy said...

You're amazing Marie.

When your legs and your head start jiving, can they have a chat with mine? That's also my biggest problem.

Again.... you're incredible and I'm so fricking proud of you! xo

krissie said...

I may have cried a little when you showed your medal. I love medals.

You totally nailed my biggest lesson in running: I am not a quitter. Runs may not turn out the way I envision them. My calf may lock up. The humidity may be terrible. I may not have fueled correctly. But I do not quit. I do not quit.

That knowledge has helped me with so many other things in my life. I have the faith in myself to start projects I question my ability to finish because running has taught me that I do not quit.

I hope to be a marathoner some day. But I'm in no hurry. Nathan and I were talking on our walk tonight that whenever we do a marathon, it should be a destination marathon. And of course we talked about Canada as a destination.

You are my favorite mouse. You are honestly a huge reason why I started running. And I am so proud to call you friend.

H-woman said...

What have I learned? Hmmm...body glide is important.

The first time I do a race, I don't have any expectations. That way, the next time you run the course, you can always beat your time!

Congratulations, my marathoner friend!


p.s. Niagra Oct. 23. Just sayin'.

Laura said...

GD it..I just got teary. What the hell? :)
Congrats - you deserved it and earned it.
From racing specifically, I like the big races. I HATED the Hamilton marathon (3000) but LOVED Pittsburgh (22000). The country mouse in me must be gone.
From running I have learned that as hard/awful as a run can be, I just never regret them.

Shrinking Sara said...

I'm at work so can't watch the video. But a super major congrats to you mouse!!! Can't wait to watch the video tonight!

Keep it up rockstar!

PunkRockMom said...

You are a marathoner!

What I learned from seeing my first "real life" marathon is that determination is an amazing tool. People of all shapes, sizes, ages, etc. completed races ranging from 2k to 42k. It was a truly awesome, emotional, inspirational event to be a part of, even by only being on the side lines.

Nanookie said...

Congrats! I'll watch the video at home, but yes, rain was totally your friend on Sunday. I hope you had an awesome experience in Ottawa.

Try to work on mantras. You might seem crazy talking to yourself, but I swear mine carried me up the hills on the Alexandra Bridge.

marie said...

@nanookie - um, there were lots of mantras. None of them worked or would only work for a few kms.

@PRM - thank you for being there

@Amy - I wish I had seen you!

@Sara - you need to blog more!

@Laura - There's nothing to cry about here. Well, my time...

@Kim, Lynn, krissie & H - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ginny said...

I totally agee with 6 and you will have to fight me for the master title on #7!! You rocked the marathon (whether you believe it or not) and all jokes aside, you are my hero. You, more than anyone else I know, make me feel like I could one day tackle this daunting challenge and push myself to do something I never thought I would ever do! <3

Leanne said...

Do you know...

-that you were the first person to inspire me to run (even if I am sidelined right now I will be back)

- That I was so proud of you three on Sunday I was crying on my couch "watching" you guys

- that I love you and am so proud of your determination

Congrats, Marie on your first marathon.

Love you,

XO :)


marie said...

Are you people out to make me cry? SERIOUSLY!

I think anyone can do it if the train properly. I wish I had :)

Healthy Living Experiment said...

Hi Marie! Congrats on running your first marathon!!

I totally agree with cross training, speed drills and tempos and I'm working on that now to get try to get stronger and faster.

Also, Toronto could learn a few thing from Ottawa. So happy you had supporters out there and you didn't feel alone!!

Well done!!

Sam said...

Dearest Running Wife:
What did I learn from doing our first marathon together?

That I can still get scared/freaked out/nervous/emotional about running, after all this time, despite all of my "experience". But the key is to recognize and channel that energy into the task at hand ... then good things happen.

Remember a year ago when I said "hey let's do a marathon together?" and you agreed. Next time, the correct answer is "Bitch please". :)

Much love and congratulations on popping your marathon cherry. Couldn't and wouldn't have done it without you. Yay half clinic!

Sonya said...

OMG, how did I miss this? You are absolutely, unbelievably, incredible.

I finished the Toronto Women's 5K last Sunday and felt like such a superstar. I can't even imagine running an entire marathon. You are such a massive inspiration.

I'm beaming with pride!!!!

MizFit said...

Im with Laura on the teary...

lonewolfrunner said...

I love how you just open up and you share how you got to know a bit more about yourself by running this marathon! It's not about finishing time, it's about setting a goal and accomplishing it come hell or high water!!! You did awesome!!!

Fantastic job Girl!

Sarah said...

You are amazing! Congratulations on the marathon, you are so inspiring!!!!

Angie All The Way said...

I loved your top 10 lessons - that's really helpful!

What has running taught me about myself? Probably one of the best things I could ever learn in my life! It has taught me not to put limits on myself, even when I try to, just like what you talked about with "bargaining" with yourself - I am the queen of that too! ;-)

Did you catch the significance of when you said "I'm going to go back to running half marathon(S)"? That's how awesome you this achievement truly is - now that you've accomplished this incredible day in your life, you can think of "half marathons" like they are not that big of a deal.

Thanks for inspiring me for all of these years ;-)

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