Time to Practice What I Preach

So a week and a half ago I ran a race.208260_10150188121275210_506605209_8434657_6574732_n

I may have even improved my time from last year by more than 10 minutes.

I possibly looked like the photo to the right while running it. Perhaps I’m not so much of an ugly runner anymore (LIES! The other pics I found were HORRID).

I may have felt SUPER FANTASTIC after, not experiencing the crippling leg pain from last year and not even taking an ice bath after!

La – dee – dah!

But then I ran the clinic’s hilly route on the Wednesday and was hurtin unit as my legs screamed in pain for the latter half.

THEN I could barely make it through our 32k run that following Sunday, tapping out at 25k due to achy feet and tight hamstrings

So what the eff is up, legs?

It makes me wonder if it’s because I’m not following the advice that I’ve given out time and time again – YOU HAVE TO DO MORE THAN JUST RUNNING!

Er, oopsie.

Perhaps I’ve been lax in getting my arse into the gym or to a yoga class more frequently and spending more time away from pounding the pavement.

So I need to rectify this – tout de suite!

But I can’t be the only schmuck out there and I know, for a fact, that A LOT of people only rely on running and don’t think of the benefits of adding cross training to their schedule…

Like injury prevention *cough cough*


So I ask you, all three people reading this, what completes your running schedule? What days do you cross-train on? What has worked and what has sucked?




watchmeshine said...

This is a good question! I'm just getting back into running again, soon (my new clinic starts on the 18th of this month) and I know that this time around I need to do more than just running, to achieve a sense of balance!

Interested in what others say about this!

Allison said...

I'm having this same issue right now, although not entirely voluntarily. A couple co-worker friends and I started a running competition (teams of 3 most miles in 3 months) and we're all so competitive that I've basically been running, and only running most days of the week for the last 3 months (I just passed 300 miles!)

And while I'm glad for all the endurance gains I've earned, I'm also feeling pretty tight in my calves and overall a bit burned out and achy. Once this competition finishes (next Friday!) I'm adding in two days of weights, via th Nike Training Club iPhone app, and two days of yoga. I'm also going to be switching to a 10k running plan so I can ease up a bit on my miles, have some rest days and work on speed. I think this will be a good mix and even help with running in the long run. (No pun intended!) :)

Theresa @ActiveEggplant said...

I won't run any more than 3 days a week, and usually only run 2 days. For me cycling is the best form of cross training because it keeps my legs moving at a pretty high intensity, but without all the pounding of running. I cycle two days - spinning on Wednesday then a "real" ride on an actual bicycle over the weekend on whatever day I don't run. I also keep swimming and yoga on deck for more variety.

As much as this cross training helps me physically, it's also like "mental cross training" - when I try to run any more than what I do now, I get mentally burnt out & end up hating it altogether!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I've been waiting forever to hear about your ATB! I have been living vicariously through all the peeps i know that have gotten to run it the last 2 years since i am away for school and can't participate. Good to hear you enjoyed it.

As for cross training, I tend to run 2-3 times a week and then do all sorts of other things to fill in the other days (i aim for 6 days of exercise/week). I spin quite a bit which i really enjoy, do yoga, bodypump or weights/circuits on my own, i've tried bodycombat recently. And i don't know if you've ever heard of crossfit but i am going to try a month of that 3x/week for something different. Its a mix of powerlifting/gymnastics and just big compound movements. The workouts sound intense but so much fun.

I find if i get into the rut of only running i stop enjoying it. So doing the other things is really important for me.


Laura said...

My group advocates only running 4 days/week and ... touchwood..we have few injuries. I also cross train with them - spin 2/week and core/cross training which is a variety of torture exercises they vary up - wall squats, pushups, abs, abs, abs etc etc.
It has helped me mentally and I really think helped me stay relatively injury free.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Hi Marie

Are you doing the Ottawa Marathon this year? I was trying to figure out if it is something you want to do in the future or if you are registered?

Although I'm nowhere near the runner that you are, I'm registered. All I want to do is complete it...my longest run so far is only 24 km, although they say the longest training run should be 32km - that's in a few weeks...

Let me know if you are going!

BTW - Great job on the ATB race -awesome!!!

marie said...

@Debbie - Yes! Ottawa. Are you???? If so, we'll have to meet up!!!

calialexandra said...

Congrats on beating your time! That's awesome.

I think running on consecutive days turned me into a disabled person for the past few years.

Now I do Pilates on Monday (in the office), swim on Tuesday, walk or run on Wednesday, swim on Thursday, yoga on Friday (in office), run on Saturday, nothing on Sunday. It varies from day to day, but switching up activities helps A LOT. Hopefully I'll be running more (3 times a week) now that the weather is improving.

hez said...

My schedule*:

- hot yoga once a week
- weights twice a week
- boot camp once a week
- spin once a week
- running 3-5 days a week

*this is in a perfect world when I actually follow my training schedule to the letter.

As you can see I have some days where I work out twice. I try and break it up (first thing in the morning and in the evening). Mondays I only do yoga, which I consider to be a "rest" day. It's after my Sunday long run which I find helps stretch things out too.

Last summer when I was the fittest and got to goal weight, I followed the above schedule (minus the hot yoga which I only discovered this year). I blame the stress fracture on ramping up my mileage WAY too quickly, not running too many days a week. Although I think someone training for marathon distance can easily get away with running 3-4 days a week. For ultra distance I believe you need to do a few runs tired to get your body used to the abuse. ;)

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