It’s all downhill from here

So I’m at week 14 (?!) of my marathon training. Um, really?

This past Sunday saw what should have been my second 32k run but was actually my first (thanks to leg pain the first go round). It should have actually been a run beyond 32k as that’s what I had wanted to do (well, not really but I thought it would be a good thing to do to test my ability to run the full 42k) and everyone else was attempting, but my body decided that it wouldn’t cooperate.

It was just a series of unfortunate things that led to a super slow 32k vs. 35 or 37k, but whatever way you cut it, I should be proud of getting that far, even if I didn’t get as far as the rest of my clinic.

Toronto Marathon runners up Hogg's Hollow - Image credit ben_lawson on flickrAnd I should be ok with it since we had to run up Hogg’s Hollow, the stupid hill that is a part of the Goodlife Toronto half and full Marathon, a hill I have cursed a few times in my running career.

But before we got there at the 20ish kilometre mark, we had to run UP to it, up a lovely slow incline from the lake front.


So take lazy me add a severe hatred of hills, minus her regular pace group (yeah, I had no one to run with), add in a LOVERLY head cold, plus little sleep and the addition of homemade gels (I’ll share that another day) and a faster pace group (ugh) and what do you get?

Any guesses?

A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run.

But was it really?

Sure I took a lot of walk breaks on the back half to blow my nose, get more water, regroup and refocus but I didn’t full out stop.

It was a run completed. Another step toward the goal. A sign that I CAN DO THIS.

I’m full of excuses when I have a bad run, but I’m leaving them behind.

Training has had a LOT of up hill battles, and not just because our coaches like to plan routes FULL of motherlovin hills. It has not been easy and I am not built for this kind of stuff. But we’ve all reached the apex, even lil ol me, and it’s just a matter of raising my hands in the air and coasting to the finish line.

Not to say that it’s going to be an easy in the least, but it’s one that I know I can do now.

Image Credit  – Ben_Lawson on flickr


Kimberley said...

I think it is so awesome that you are at week 14 of your training! That is dedication.

Chris said...

Hills are the devil and having to run one with a cold? Ugh. Great job in keeping with it! This will be the run you can look back on later and say, "If I completed THAT, I can complete THIS."

Laura said...

I hear you. Initially I thought the same thing about my run on Sunday but then I looked back and realized it wasn't that bad, I didn't quit and I actually 'raced' the first 30km of it. WIN!

Nanookie said...

A bad run is a bad run. But hey, it's done and maybe this week's run will be freakin' awesome. You're almost there... if you can do 32, then what's 10 more? ;)

Angie All The Way said...

Week FOURTEEN!!!! Wow Marie, you are really something!! Bad run or not!

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