Giving Myself a Break

If you’re a Christian, you know that Lent begins today. It is a time marked by sacrifice and charity. It ends with that awesome chocolate bunny holiday (I kid!). Given that I work for a religious organization and am also somewhat faithful, I usually do observe Lent, just in my own way.

I’m not really big on giving up something I really enjoy because I know that in a time of weakness, I’ll fail miserably at it (as I illustrated a couple of years ago by baking MORE than once).

So this year, I want to take a negative out of my life and encourage positive. Reasonable, yes?

So I’m giving up the hatred of my body and the negative self talk that comes with it. Yes, despite me admitting to being comfortable in my own skin in the past,  that ugly little demon has reared its head again. It seems to be born out of the fact that I can’t seem to lose any weight AND I just keeping putting MORE on the harder that I try to lose it. Nice, eh?

But that’s not cool. I need to cut myself some slack.

Running the Chilly Half - 2011For example, I did a pretty good job on the weekend, completing yet another half marathon in a fairly decent time for a recreational runner. I was happy because I had a plan, executed it successfully and had no ill after affects.

Well, until I got my race photos.

All that I see are a double chin, belly pooch and tree trunk legs.

What. Is. Wrong. With. Me?!

Most people don’t get out of bed before noon on a Sunday and there I was running 21k. A lot of people never had the courage to start running, but I did almost five years ago. Many don’t listen to their doctor’s advice to try diet and exercise first before attacking a minor health problem with a myriad of drugs.

I need to see the strength, courage and determination that lies beneath my skin in this photo. These are things that have changed me for the better over the years. I need to  NOT focus on the things I deem to be imperfections as those things are in my control and I can change if I don’t get hung up on the negative.

So I’m giving up my bad attitude, focusing on the great things I have achieved and can still achieve and loving the package that they come in.

Big or small, I’m capable of great things.


Born to Run said...

Honestly, you look sexy in your photo. You look determined and athletic. Very true story.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like the perfect thing to give up for Lent, Mouse. Bravo!

Laura said...

I have to say that I am exactly the same way. I hate looking at the pictures of myself. It is a wonderful thing to give up for Lent. You are so strong and determined and beautiful. And you have shown over and over again that you are capable of great things.

Nif said...

You are beautiful, my friend.

Sarah said...

Great thing to get rid of for Lent. Keep it up, you are so inspiring!

Lauren said...

I'm with ya, we say we're happy with ourselves because it's easier and that's what people like to hear. I truly believe though when you remind YOURSELF all of the beautiful things about yourself you start to believe it more.

I love your thoughts on picking up something positive for Lent. I'm trying to increase 1 spiritual aspect of my life per day... a little longer prayer... more worship... more Scripture.

Good luck with your Lenten journey
Lauren from ChickAdvisor

(Healthy)Family of 5 on the go said...

I get it and you totally rock. The cognitive thought processes will catch up. Be happy for today and what you have and continue to accomplish. Personally, I can identify with you more because you are real. Keep it up. Maybe I will sign up for another run after all......

nevermindkim.com said...

Great thing to give up for Lent!

I went through a period of being accepting of myself but lately, I've gotten back into feeling the way I used to and it's a sucky place to be :( Seriously though, why WONT the weight come off?!

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