Who says singlehood sucks on Valentine’s?

I’ve never been a fan of the dreaded February Hallmark holiday, and maybe that’s because I’ve been single on that day more often than not. Bitter? Maybe. Apathetic? That’s more like it.

But whether I’m with someone or not, I can choose to mark the day with fun and surrounded by people that I love.

So what does this mouse have in store today? Well, I have a day filled with five dates, actually.

  1. Breakfast date: I work in an environment where the median age of the employees seems to be pushing the 50s. My department is home to ladies in their 30s, though. So being the party planners that we are, we invited some of the other “young ladies” in the building to have breakfast with us this morning, to chit-chat and share some laughs. It’s amazing how well your day can start with not only a good breakfast, but positive energy before you even read your emails. AND it was super sweet that one person shared chocolate with us!
  2. Lunch date: The two ladies that I directly work with are amazing. The two of them had a solid friendship before I arrived on the scene, and I’m so thankful that they’ve tried to include me in that little circle. To make us a more cohesive team, we try to have lunch together every month. This month we planned for today on purpose, so we could be each other’s Valentines. Nothing says loving like pulled pork sandwiches at the Black Camel, I tell ya!
  3. Gym date: After spending a weekend in the woods with my Scouts, I definitely need to hop back on the treadmill. Even though I squeaked in a 16k on Friday morning, I still have some mileage to make up. A little sweat will help burn off that lunch, too :)
  4. Grocery date: I gave up on myself last week. I used my frustration with the new POINTS PLUS plan as an excuse to not track and not bother with grocery shopping. But I can’t give up on myself. How will I ever finish the biggest race of my life if I cave over something simple like food? So it’s back to healthy eating this week… right after the pulled pork. (I sense a theme here…)
  5. Couch date: AH! The love of my life! My one constant that makes me feel absolutely comfortable and gives me unwavering support (as long as I rotate the cushions regularly). Perschmaps I will rent a chick flick and snooze, too!

So five dates in one day, the day dreaded by singles. It can happen, folks! Don’t let it get you down!!! Make time for YOU rather than waiting for someone to make the time.

How are you marking the hallmark holiday?

What special things are you doing for yourself?

1 comment:

Elena said...

You had a full day! Congrats for being positive and for your joy of life.

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