Time to Tap Out?

Despite how I come across in type, I’m a HUGE scaredy cat. I don’t make friends easily, I’m the one who will try to blend into the background and I never make the first move.

Add to that my fear of failure, I give up on things WAY too easily. That’s probably why I was overweight for so long because I was just too afraid of not being successful at it and looking like a fool.

But I’ve never been that way with running. Yes, there may have been one or two runs recently where I felt too ill to continue, but it took me awhile to “talk myself down” and stop.

Last night was a prime example of me thinking that I’d never live it down nor would I be able to forgive myself if I didn’t finish my 10k tempo run with the marathon clinic. A run that was easy for me two weeks ago felt like agony last night. I felt like I was going to be sick with every foot fall, as my stomach lurched up and down as the rest of my body moved forward. Why I didn’t stop was a matter of stupid pride… and just plain stupidity.

I managed to finish just a minute slower than two weeks prior but felt like it was the slowest run in the world.

But it made me wonder: Why is it that I refuse to quit on a run, but I’m contemplating giving up on a program to help me lose weight?

See, I’ve been following the new POINTS PLUS program on Weight Watchers since the first week of December and have yet to have any positive results. In fact, after two months, I am EXACTLY the same weight that I started at.

So why should I bother? It’s frustrating me, making me crazy (unnecessarily) and I’m wasting money on something that isn’t working for me.

And so many others from what I’m reading.

Why won’t I give up?

Would you? Have you (if following WW)? What would be your next plan of attack?


Tara said...

As you know, we're in the same flat bottomed boat. I'm frustrated with WW too, and I kind of feel like I've been let down. I used to be a huge cheerleader for WW and now I can't even recommend the program for fear that it fails someone else.

I refuse to give up, since I will be ultimately unhappy if I do. So I'm changing it up. I'm going back to re-reading some books that have done me well, and tracking with a different system. I'm gonna do it *again*, I just need to come at it from a different angle this time.

Conny Mc said...

Dear Miss Mouse
I have had the same problems with WW. It just does not work for me. I follow it all week and weight the same. This has been going on for about 6 months and I will be seeing a registered Dietitian on Tuesday. I just need some guidance.With health benefits through my husbands work, it is pretty well covered.
I am beyond frustrated and need to lose 35 lbs. Believe you are not the first blogger lately to reveal the same thing...WW does not work for every BODY.

Sarah said...

Hi Marie,

I have been reading your blog for over a year and your a big inspiration for me. I too am doing WW and I have not had ANY success with the new PP plan.
In fact, since the start of the program I am up a total of 2 pounds (grated I did gain 5 lbs over christmas)

This week I switched back to momentum on my own. I am still paying for WW and will still go to my meetings but I need to go back so I can start seeing success again. I am really getting frustrated and discouraged!

marie said...

I have a ton of materials for momentum and may do the same. I'm just giving myself a few days off.

I am glad that I'm not alone :)

Anne said...

I also had a really hard time with the new program and just kept gaining. I finally found what works for me. I eat all of my 49 extra points over the weekend. Either Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. Spreading them out did not work. The other days I stick to my 29 pts or less if I'm not hungry. Seems to work for me. Good luck in whatever you choose to do :)

hez said...

I went vegan and gave up booze for a few weeks in January while following points plus and actually tracked for almost a full month (which is longer than I have tracked in a looooong time). I gained 2 lbs. I'm still not sure what I'm doing, and trying to figure out if it's just my own apathy or if the plan isn't working for me. I figure I need to take a few weeks to follow it 100% without being crazy (ie. use my extra points, eat cheese and drink booze), and see what happens before I make my decision. I'm wondering if I've just been doing this for so goddamned long that the novelty has worn off even though it's "new", ya know?

marie said...

@Anne - I've tried eating half of my weekly and NONE of my APs (earn 30+ every week), but NONE of it worked. That's why I'm so frustrated.

@Hez No booze and GAINING? WTF is that about. BRING BACK THE BEER! :) I don't think it's a novelty thing for me. I've been in there tracking like a mofo and totally dedicated. Something just isn't right about this program.

Heather said...

I actually found the the new weight watchers is totally working for me (so far) I'm down 16 lbs in 5 weeks. But I do know that no program works the same for everyone. You've been through the process before on ww and off. You will find what works for you again and rock it :)

Mel said...

I've been visiting a few bloggers who I know have recently switched to the PP and I am finding a lot more failure than success. I'm a WW fan and lost forty some pounds, but after way to many have crept back on through nobody's fault but my own I've gone back. I am losing weight, but only the 1 lb per week which I know is a great rate, but a little annoying. The one week I ate all my Weekly points over a weekend and stuck to the 29 all week I didn't lose anything. I don't quite get the program yet, but am not giving up yet since the scale is moving down just slowly. I hope you figure out what works for you because discouragement sucks. You were and are still a success!! You can do this.

Nadia said...

Hi Marie! I'm in pretty much the same boat as well! I was at goal for over a year, then gained some back this fall. Despite following the (old) program and working out like a mofo (I'm also a runner), I was gaining or maintaining on a weekly basis. My leader said my journals were exactly what she wanted to see and didn't understand it either. I was hoping the new program would be just what I needed, but I haven't lost anything. I was already eating pretty wholesome, but I cut back on carbs since. I saw a dietician who also had little to add - though she suggested increasing the carbs (which I'd previously tried to cut back) and increasing dairy. Very frustrating to be following program and not going in the right direction...

HL said...

I just cancelled my WW subscription, because I get far better results (ahem, meaning losses) when I do low-carb. I had a 3 month subscription and have lost about 5 lbs. Dude. Not cool.

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