Picture This…

Writing out our goals helps us picture the end result. Maybe you imagine yourself crossing a finish line, or frolicking on a beach in a bikini with a new found body and confidence, maybe with your fists raised in the air celebrating when you receive your Ph.D. or removing the sold sign from the front lawn of your very first house.

When I started Weight Watchers in 2005, didn’t have a definite goal in mind. Yes, there was a number I wanted to achieve and I got there, but I never pictured myself at that size and couldn’t see it because I had never been there. 

But I did reward myself along the way. There was a new iPod (it was mostly because I stepped on my mp3 player, but it was still a reward for running), clothes, etc. But after I reached my goal and nothing purchased to celebrate it, I found myself with a wedding looming and nothing in my closet fitting my slimmer frame. That’s when I walked into a store, picked out a dress and REALLY discovered the new me.Me and my little black goal dress

Granted, I spent most of the time feeling a bit self conscious about how my stomach looked in the thing, I was overall VERY confident in that little black dress.A totally different Marie came out and people who had know me since childhood didn’t even recognize me.

It was just a piece of fabric, but it helped define who I had become. This wasn’t the girl who wore the giant green tent to her prom. No, sir.

Sadly, I never had an opportunity to wear the dress again and now it sits in the back of my closet. I’m sure I could find an event to wear it to again given that my life is full of fancy pants parties, but despite the bit of stretch in it, it wouldn’t expand enough to fit the extra weight I’ve put back on.

Recently, I have felt like I lost me somewhere. Yes, I run a lot and try to eat well, but something is hold me back that I keep bouncing up and down by the same five pounds, week in and week out.

So now, with 20lbs to lose to get back to goal, I have a picture in mind (minus the adorable little girl… who turns 10 this year. GAH!). I will have an even better picture in that dress because I know it can happen.

I’ll let Marciano motivate me.

What does your goal picture look like right now?


Anonymous said...


I am going to a wedding this summer and I want to wear my favorite pair of dress pants. The last picture that was taken of me was with my husband at a wedding about six years ago. We both look happy and I thought we looked good. Fitting into these pants will give me the same confidence that I had when that picture was taken!

I don't know how much I need to lose to fit into them but I know I will. Just keep working on my jelly belly!

Laura said...

I so hear you on this...I feel like there is just something holding me back...more food? less food? Not giving a crap anymore? I dunno...my clothes stil fit but I just need them to fit a bit better.

Angie All The Way said...

The "First" time around, like you, I didn't have any vision of what I would look like so I had nothing visual to strive toward. I didn't have any unrealistic photos of a random person wearing something I liked because I just couldn't picture myself looking like that! But now that I actually did achieve what I was set out to do and HAVE pictures of myself "there" I'm getting them printed and put on a bulletin board down in the basement right beside where our new treadmill is going! There's one picture of me in cuba wearing a tankini, having a blast and the picture shows how great I feel & I never in a million years I would ever kind of like a photo of me in a swim suit of any kind! The other photo is of me after my first 5k, the day I met Lynn in person. Best.day.ever and I while at the time I thought I might have a few pounds to shed, I look back on it and loved the way I looked. I wasn't totally fit (or at all really) but I looked a bit athletic in my slimmer self.

I want THAT girl back.

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