I Got 99 Problems…

Actually, I have just over 99 days.

99 days, 14 hours and a bunch of minutes and seconds until I cross the starting line of my first marathon.

I fully admit that the number made me sweat a bit and my stomach lurched.

Have I been faithful to my run schedule the  past four weeks? Not really. A hectic schedule, a bit of laziness and a tender knee have prevented me from completing every run on the schedule, but I do try for at least three a week.

Is that good enough? Only time will tell.

Am I worried at this point? Hell yes. I have a tendency to procrastinate and leave things until the last minute. You can’t really do that with running. I’ve been good at sticking to a schedule before, even training for Around the Bay on my own and getting those long runs in. Why can’t I this time?

Will I finish the 42.2 k? YOU BET YOUR BEHIND! I’m committed to this thing 110 % (why the frog do people say that? You don’t get a hero cookie for going beyond 100%. It’s not on the scale. Garbage saying, I says!) and am not giving up until I cross that finish line. But I can make things hella easier on myself by sticking to a plan.

So I gots to. Full steam ahead.

These 99 days are NOT a problem. They’ll be challenging and crazy, but I’ve got this one.

Do you?
How many days are left until your big race? What are your training tips?
Tell me about your highs and lows.


hez said...

I'm running a 50K trail race mid-April. I just checked my Garmin and I've run 7 times since Jan. 1, for a total of about 70K. My longest run was 21K. I need to get my act together *now* or I'm going to die. This winter has been killing me. I have no motivation. My running BFF is training and running the race with me, and we've formulated a half-assed plan to get our mileage up there. before then. So barring any more freak snow storms hopefully we'll actually be semi-ready for the race.

Sarah said...

Great work for you! I'm excited to read about your race.

I wanted to do a run in May and haven't picked it yet. I also haven't stuck to a running plan. I'm a bit disappointed but I'm hoping to get it together and actually do a race in May.

Sherri said...

Long time reader... and I hardly comment. Wanted to say I'm glad to see you're back to blogging more often and that I'm doing the same race as you are! I'm walking the half (and have done the Ottawa half 3 other times - the last time being over 2 years ago). It's my 'come back' and I'm getting nervous, excited, worried... everything all at once. Your post just reminded me that I should probably get to the training that I promised myself to do! 99 days eh?!? Better get myself on track! Best of luck and I look forward to hearing more about your training - ewwey GUs and all :)

Nif said...

I think I have roughly the same amount of days before my next race as you do. ;)

Training "along side" of you is my high point. My sore ass is my low point. Dragging it is an even lower point.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

99 days is lots of time to get back on track with your training :)

My HUGEST piece of advice would be listen to your body. I had a nagging hip/side injury during my marathon training last summer and it ended up sidelining me for 5 weeks after I tore a tendon in my foot at the end of the marathon (mile friggin 24 of all places).

If I'd gotten the hip/side issue looked at earlier I probably could have avoided the injury!

Good luck with the next 99 days of training :)

Ali @ Around the VeggieTable said...

Yay! I'm running my first half marathon (actually my first race at all!) in 70 days and I'm super excited and super nervous! I have no idea what insanity made me sign up for this, but I'm going to stick with it, for better or worse. And in 71 days, I'll take a long long nap, and it'll all be over :)

Boris Terzic said...

I am in the same boat but the fact that I got 1month to prep for a 30k and then a marathon... Haven't ran over 18k this year at all.

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