You have shoes on your feet…

I usually can’t wait for the summer to shed the confines of regular footwear for flip flops. Despite my dislike for all things feet (why must they be so ugly??), I’m all about freeing my footsies and abhor socks and shoes yet I have such a huge collection of the stupid things.See how silly wearing sneakers with your work attire looks?! I guess it comes with the uterus, eh?

As summer went on, I realized I couldn’t wear flip flops on my walk to work or after a long run. My arches and ankles were killing me every time I slipped them on, so I’ve been wearing my sneaks to and from work, a la working girl, a look that I truly detest but when my feet are happy, mouse is happy.

But then there are rainy fall days in TO, like today, which could turn to snow (YIPPEEEE!) where I have to don my awesome rubber boots which provide my no support whatsoever but do allow me to splash in every puddle along my 20 minute walk to work and channel my inner Paddington Bear, minus the fantastic hat, of course (my hair won’t fit in it).

But where am I going with this? Well, I was at work late last night and my manager went into one of the closets in my office to find note cards. She stumbled upon the 14 odd pairs of shoes my co-worker keeps in there. She was astounded by the sheer volume of shoes that M has in there. I just said, “so?” You see, because of the footwear I wear TO work, I too keep a secret stash of shoes, they just aren’t as noticeable to anyone who visits our office for branded stationary, so I had to let her in on the secret.

Crappy BB photo showing some of the shoes on my hidden desk shelfMy desk is outfitted with this odd little shelf underneath where I have hidden a dozen pairs of shoes and boots myself. And that’s only a fraction of the shoes that I actually own.  Sometimes I bring in another pair if we have a special chicken and brown sauce or wine and cheese event.

When she saw that, she then proceeded to mock me as well.

But it’s funny how a few years ago I had no issue making a similar walk to work in shoes that were of comparable in heel heights, with pointed or rounded toes to all of the ones I keep under my desk now, but now I MUST have sensible shoes for my tiny trek before I wedge my wiggly toes into some of these silly shoes.

It’s amazing what age and running will do to ya!

Am I alone in this? Do any of you keep a secret stash of shoes at work? Do you wear running or walking shoes to work and then change? Do you have crocs or slippers at work even (my co-worker does. They’re HILARIOUS)? SHARE THE SHOES!


Maria said...

Yes. Mine take up two shelves of an oversized filing cabinet. The shelf rolls out for easy access. The shame.

marie said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Laura said...

At my old job, I had a huge filing cabinet. It had 4 enormous drawers that held 2 rows of hanging files in each. I used one of those drawers for shoes.

At my current job, there is no such place to keep a shoe stash. Consequently, I have only 2 pairs of shoes at work. It is very sad, indeed.

Laura said...

I have to drive to work so my walk from the parking lot, up the stairs and to my office takes ~ 5 min. so no stashes for me.
...which is a good thing as it might make me think I need to buy more shoes to fill the spaces in my home closet.
...and that could = a divorce. :)

Tricia said...

Hubs has been teasing me because I have taken to wearing sneakers when we go out. I just cant imagine putting me feet in heels. :)

tash said...

I have a secret stash under my desk. I have a pair of flats, kitten heels and 2 pairs of high heels. The extra heels are in case I break a heel at work (I am notorious for breaking heels) and the flats for feet emergency day :)

marie said...

@Tricia - Oddly enough people think I DON'T wear heels! A lot of my friends, especially the ones I run with, are shocked when they see me in clothes I normally wear at work, including dressy shoes or high heel boots.

@Tash - I hear you on the emergency flats. I've broken a few myself and am so thankful for the variety of shoes and the flats when my feet are so sore.

I wish I had a filing cabinet for them, though!!!

cinemarie said...

huh! I am the complete opposite! Other than running shoes, I am the kind of person who owns one pair of shoes at a time and wears it year round. I despise changing shoes - in the winter I wait until there is more than at least a foot of snow before I start using boots (yuk! I hate boots:) and then I wear my boots all day at work too (as in I don't change into regular shoes when I get there... I wear the boots all day...) Last year was a treat - no snow in TO - so I got to wear the same pair of shoes all year :)
I do, however, find your little hidden shelf o' shoes under the desk pretty cool :) It somewhat reminds me of Seinfeld and George's bed under his desk :P

JavaChick said...

I have a serious shoe collection at home. I used to keep a shoe stash at my last job, at my current job I don't have one. I do have one spare pair under my desk.

I did invest in a couple of pairs of fitflops this summer though. I like to wear flip flops, but I must have arch support which the fit flops give me. Those I can wear on my hike up the hill, carrying my laptop bag, with no problem. Okibashis are pretty good too, and they are cheaper, but I like the thick, cushion-y sole on the fit flops.

And yes, I vaguely remember a post you wrote making fun of the fitflop. Laugh all you want, my feet are happy. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Working Girl outfit! I actually have a fetish for office gals that wear white bobbysocks over their hose and under their skirts and I also like when an office gal wears a high/tight turtleneck with the outfit as well!


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