When Life Hands You A Crappy Day…

The man you wrote about on Monday walks in your office door.

And he hugs you and thanks you for being there.

And then he sits down and tells you all about the class he just sat in on like a five year old after his first day of school.

And THEN he reads you some of the poems from that class like a kindergarten teacher reading to a class.

And you can’t help but be jealous of his children and grandchildren as they got to hear stories from this lovely Santa Claus-esque man, clad in his tidy plaid shirt and Mr. Rogers cardigan, with his soft voice punctuating every line so perfectly.

And your day just totally turned around.


I wish I could freeze those 20 minutes and make them last a lifetime.


H-woman said...

Made me slightly teary eyed and smile at the same time. That's the perfect kind of moment to keep in your heart forever.


Amy said...

I think I'm developping a small crush on this man!

Sarah said...

Wonderful that you have this person in your life, he seems extremely inspirational.

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