What is wrong with this picture?


Yeah, not the one of me but the graph.

That’s right – the pretty bars aren’t coloured in. What does that mean, my friends? Well, for my dailymile friends, that means there was no running in mouseville last week. Zero kilometres jogged since the Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Le balls.

Granted, we’ve been kind of busy around these parts with two work events (including one on a Saturday) and a bunch of awesome Weight Watchers chicks and bloggers coming to visit this past weekend, but three of them went and ran a race and some of them even climbed a tower.

I sat on my ass and ate gummy worms.

(they were delicious)

But if this is a blog about running and eating right, perschmaps I should get to colouring that puppy in, yes?


But enough of my bitching. What have you been up to? :)


nevermindkim.com said...

Ha! My chart was identical sadly.

Laura said...

Rest up before marathon training starts...Wee!
I love me some gummi worms
and red licorice
and jujubes

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