Stop and Smell the Roses

We don’t often admit how thankful we are for things. Simple things. Little things. Things that seem petty or insignificant or can easily be overlooked on a day-to-day basis.

Today, I went into a bit of a tailspin because of the way in which people reacted to someone giving thanks in their own way.

And then I took a deep breath.

I’ve been trying to be positive and give thanks in my own way thanks to Krissie, who recently moved on us as you may know. Heck, a lot of people have jumped on the thankful train and there was even a #thankablogger movement on the twitters yesterday.

So if you want, check out my tumblr blog for stupid pictures and videos of what I’m thankful for at any given moment.

Or maybe just start your own.

Thank Krissie while you’re at it :)


krissie said...

Aww, Marie. Thank you so much. And there are no stupid pictures. No thanks that are stupid. As long as your heart is in the right place.

Now don't laugh at my picture of a skype conversation, okay?

(It's amazing how I automatically try to type in questionsfordessert as my url. still getting used to that.)

Tara said...

Thanks to both of you. Krissy, I'm Tara by the way. :-)

I've recently started doing something very similar. I'm beginning to get to the bottom of my happiness - discovering what makes me happy, how I can be happier, and how I can make others happy too.

It's been very enlightening. I've discovered that thankfulness and the blessings in my life are a big part of my happiness.

Pictures would be fun to do too!

Laura said...

Thank you both! I have really been trying to remember to not take things for granted and ...get busy living.

sunshine! said...

♥ you Mousie!

Gina said...

Keep your faith.
My mom is a cancer survivor, so, I think the most precious gift of the life is the health. This is the only thing that it really matters.

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