What's a Mouse to do?

IMG00109-20100917-0827.jpg, originally uploaded by mousearoo_16.

This week we were given these to work with!

MUCH BETTER! A pear also snuck on board but I dealt with it handily.

Now, if you were given the above veggies, minus one pepper that made it into today's lunch, what fabulous things would YOU come up with?

Hit me with your best shot!


Lainey said...

The beets and squash I would steam, and the peppers would soon become stuffed peppers! YUM!

What did you do to that poor unsuspecting pear!? o.0

Laura said...

I use recipes from allrecipes.com all the time. You might like these 2:



Nif said...

Roast em all, blend them into soup!

JavaChick said...

The beets & squash would be roasted and fed to my husband - can't stand either one. Bell peppers? A staple in my house. Eaten raw. In salad. In pasta sauce. In stir-fry. In curry....The options are endless.

marie said...

I made soup with it but I was too lazy to post it.


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