And this is why I broke up with Lance

After Niffer’s review of the Nike+ GPS app, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I had quite the public break up with Lance and the Nike+ before because of its ridiculous inaccuracies but given all of the new bells and whistles and the fact that I don’t have to buy a new sensor every year, this could be something I could learn to love tolerate, especially for those cold, miserable days training for the marathon come January where running outside just isn’t an option and I will begrudgingly choose to haul my ass onto a treadmill where Bert the Garmin doesn’t work (no footpod).

So this morning, with 10k on the schedule, I set out with no real plan but to try to get in that distance with both Bert and Lance and hope that the two got along with minimal squabbling.

Sadly, it was my stomach and body didn’t agree about half way through, which was when I started to notice how far apart the two gizmos were in terms of distance. The Garmin was showing just over 4k around 24 minutes where Nike+ was showing already 5k. Now, anyone who knows me will know that that is NOT my regular pace. I may have a running buddy who jokingly calls me speed bunny, but I ain’t! Although I had picked a route with no lights for the first five kilometres and could have achieved something toward 26 minutes for a 5k if I was feeling SUPERFANTASTIC, I was NOT.Bert the Garmin shows 8.91k - Nike Plus shows 10k. WTF?

BAD, Nike+. BAD!

Score one for Bert.

In the end, when all was said and done and I was safely back at the house of mouse, it was just a smidge over a kilometre off. Same as when I had the sensor attached to my shoe. So what has improved so much? Well, I guess I don’t have to buy fancy pants accessories and have a tacky thing attached to my shoe. Well, that’s actually pretty good in my books. But do I always have to run with the big, bulky thing in my hand for this thing to register distance? That may pose an issue…

Now it had me wondering if I had taken the time to calibrate the stupid iPod Touch properly and maybe if I wasn’t prone to crazy jazz hands, perschmaps my run distance would be much more accurate. But for a $1.99 app, who am I to care?

Lance came on at the end and congratulated me. And then he did again. And again. And again. That little feature is awesome.

I totally wore that hunk of man out.

And then I took a cold shower.

Uh huh.

We may be broken up, but I can still toy around with him every now and again, right?


fitrachick said...

I calibrated my Nike+ a while ago and its still off. One 5K race I did came in at 5.3K and another at 5.2

Kim said...

now I'm curious and want to check it out to see if I get a difference too! I don't think anything could ever replace my garmin though.

Nif said...

Am I gonna have to drag you to the curb by the hair over Lance *again*? He'll always love me more.


Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

I'm not sure if you are into them, but I thought you deserved it.

I just gave you the blog substance award!

Congrats. Find more info at my blog!

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