Where’s the Love?


It’s not in here, that’s for darn sure (pardon the mess).

I have been avoiding going in here, and cooking in general, for weeks.

I’ve noticed my lunches and dinners have been parts of meals and not actual feasts for the last month or so. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of inspiration, an abundance of perspiration (it’s too hot in TO to cook, dammit!) or the small cramped space just getting the better of me after two years.

But as I look into my microwavable dish at lunch every day, what continues to stare back at me is the same thing; a piece of steak, pork or chicken, some cut up peppers, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. It makes me wonder who in their right mind would want to eat this? And WHY do I KEEP eating this, day in and day out?! There’s no imagination or thought that goes into it. No love. No spice, even! BORING.

I just go through the motions, in the kitchen and at the grocery store, buying the same things and not adding anything really different to my basket week after week. Before I used to be adventurous, trying recipes, making big batches of things and having a bit of variety throughout the week.

Where did that girl go? I mean, I don’t even boredom bake! WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!

So maybe I just need food inspiration? A new veggie to try? A recipe to have at? Decorating ideas? Declutter the counters?

What do you think?


Krissie said...

My cooking motivation comes and goes. I get inspired by poking around on the internets (especially Tasty Kitchen, Cooking Light, Martha Stewart Food) and finding recipes that I can make my own. Adding edamame. Subbing brussels for asparagus, or if I can add a scoop of ricotta. I also live taking very unhealthy recipes and tweaking them so they are calorie-friendly. I get excited when I do research. And I also de-stress that way.

Tonight I'm making my first attempt at homemade lemonade and a (gasp!) cocktail. A lavender lemon drop. I'm a little nervous. But it will be fun.

(and you can always stop by my food journal/recipe blog for easy-but-goodies! www.growlinmytummy.com)

cinemarie said...

You know what? I haven't had much motivation to cook either since I moved to my current house - and on my end of things, I know it has a LOT to do with the fact that the kitchen is too small and just not functional at all. Plus the heat in TO right now - man is it hot?!! - it's just not comfortable to cook in that heat...

I guess that's probably not helping because it's not like moving is really a solution here... maybe if you reorganize your kitchen a bit and find a way to make the space a bit more inviting to cooking, maybe that would help?
Well, I wish you good luck with that - I hope you get some better advice from your other readers!! :)

Cat said...

I've been eating cereal for dinner for weeks. I feel your pain.

Cat said...
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Shirls said...

what do I think? - well my first thought was OMG, must be nice to having an actual summer! nothing but rain here for the entire summer, seriously I've been able to take George out of the garage a grand total of 4 times this year! WTF is up with that? I know TO is sweltering, cause the news man likes to tell me all about it every freaking night...but how I wish for some real summer temps..*sigh*

anyway besides all my longing of something that can't be changed..

I think, yes, declutter the counters, having space to work has got to help and go cold! cold supper, salads with cold chicken, bacon etc.. oh and in the days before 2010 when we had heat around these parts I actually would use a toaster oven vs the real oven just cause it didn't put as much heat in the old homestead..

Zoe D. said...

I'm very visual, so I would first try spiffing up, organizing, and then perhaps adding something eye-catching and colorful, like a poster you love. How about going somewhere like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pier 1 (or whatever you may have in your area) and finding a single place setting that you ADORE--something you would never splurge on for a group? I have a single plate, Limoges, that was my great-grandmother's. It's a tad smaller than my regular dinner plates, very beautiful, and I do feel the love when I use it!!

I look forward to hearing what sort of creative path this leads you down. Have fun.

Lainey said...
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Lainey said...

I feel your pain, and I was just thinking about this last night. I realized that I'm completely bored with most of the meals I cook, and if I'm not bored with them, then my husband is. So I've been looking for new recipes to try. I used to find that trying new foods helped, too.

I also feel Shirls' pain, as I live in the same city and am also mourning The Summer That Never Was.

Campinggirl said...

I am less motivated in the summer and find that I tend to just cook a protein on the bbq and make a salad... it is getting very boring.

I nominated you for a blogger award!

Laura said...

Have you tried kohlrabi? It tastes similar to broccoli. I peel it. slice it and dip in hummus, which is my latest obsession. I have been making hummus and eating it throughout the week, either as a dip or as a sandwich spread.

Salads have been a big part of my summer. Also, pasta with lots of veggies and fried egg sandwiches.

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