Pictures Tell the Story

Race reports get old and tired, right? I mean, you sort of got one from me last week and you’ll probably get another in a few short weeks only to be followed by yet another in October (because we can’t only run one half marathon, ya know).

So this is me sparing you the nitty gritty details.

Instead I present to you a bit of narcissism. Who doesn’t like that, eh? So there were a few pictures from Saturday’s race, of course, as there are bound to be from an organized event. That’s how they make a few bucks after all. So let’s go over them, shall we?Toronto Women's 10k - on the course - mousearoo

Usually I am the UGLIEST of runners, all slouched and hunched over, core nowhere near engaged, stomach rolls hanging over, face dragging on the ground and mouth generally agape. This time, I was actually pleased with most of the pictures I was presented with when they emailed me the proofs.

I mean, the rolls will always be there as they’re a fact of life (my battle scars if you will), but I look kinda good! I look comfortable in my skin here. Granted, I still look damn sloppy,  but to me, I look smaller than I have in awhile! I look healthy! Even with the loose skin on my arms and the giant double chin action going on. That chick is on the move! Look at her go!


But this picture was only one of the ones I kinda liked. Then there was the finish line. You know, where you pour it all on and run like you’ve stole something. There were a couple here with which I was pretty happy.

Toronto Women's 10k  - Finish Line - mousearoo Toronto Women's 10k - finish line - mousearoo

Yup. Don’t care about my gut. Don’t care about my arms. I think I look pretty damn good.

And although I had a rough time between 7k and 9k, I still came in under an hour, 58:20 chip time, thank you very much, which is a minute faster than my 10k time from May. The May race is actually a faster race, too. Just imagine if I had run IT instead. ENDLESS possibilities, people. ENDLESS.

Could I be back in shape? Do the pictures tell the story? You tell me.


Laura said...

Hooray! And may I remind you of the words you recently to me:

"Be proud of the time and the finish.

Pics don't matter :)"

Having said that, I think you look very strong in those pictures. Methinks you found your groove.

And pics don't matter :)

Laura said...

And, apparently, grammar doesn't matter either.

I meant to say:
And may I remind you of the words you recently said to me

Shirls said...

I totally agree running pictures are typically not the most flattering, but honestly? I think these totally are, you look good girl!

cinemarie said...

you look awesome! :)
I like the pictures where you are face on, looks like you are floating and going super fast :)

Cat said...

You look fit, determined and healthy.

When I look at these pics, I don't see any belly, any arm skin, or any double chin. I see drive, determination, inspiration and success.

The fact that you HAVE race pics....MANY, MANY race pics is a testiment to you, my friend.

Congrats on another fabulous race.

You just keep on doing it!!


Anonymous said...

I uh know what you mean about race pics. Mine all look grumpy and tomato-faced. But you look awesome in those pics, but more importantly YOU FEEL great. Great job lady!


ps. way to rock the pink tank

Vickie said...

I have always been quite envious of those arms you know!

I loved your line:
"I look comfortable in my skin here."

You do and the posture looks pretty darned good. I am not sure how I would feel seeing pics shot at random during workouts. And yours look very good.

and I have the same extra bits on the side chest wall and have come (more) to terms with them also. so good for you in thinking of them as battle scars and posting pics. It is good for all to see those of us that just live with reality and are still out there (with all our bits).

loved this post

Laura said...

You look awesome. I always look like death.
What a great race. If I ever came close to an hr I would be delirious.

Nif said...

Two words:

Mee. Ow.

Wait... can you use kitty cat noises when you're a mouse?

marie said...

I prefer that you just shower me with cheese :)

Grown Up said...

You look great! I aspire to be able to run that far one day--I'm working on it :). Congrats!

Mel said...

I've been MIA as I've been in back to school mode, but HELLO!! Look at mouse back in action. The pictures are all great and you look awesome. Way to go getting out of the funk and putting your shoes to the ground again. I think you just inspired me to lace up my own and get back out there. Thanks for that! Keep up the great work.

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

I really admire you for doing the running thing and all those races. You've got something I don't, that's for sure. Recently I fell of the wagon with regards to running (and food for that matter), but I'm getting back at it I swear!

You look awesome in those pictures. I'm glad you can see that for yourself. Too often we don't ;-)

Shrunk said...

You are most definitely back in shape. Great pics Mouse!

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