Who Decides YOUR Best?



We’re always striving for our best and goal setting is HUGE. We decide them in our personal and professional lives all of the time. I recently shared with you a huge goal of mine for next spring that I’m both nervous and excited about, but I’m not about to worry about until the New Year. But I’ve also got a goal for this fall that I may or may not get to. If I do, FABULOUS! If I don’t, no big deal.

I wrote somewhere on a wall, on an index card, that I want my half marathon time to be under 2:10 again. It’s quite a lofty goal all things considered. Will I make it? At this point, I doubt it. Is 2:15 doable? I think so. Will I be happy just finishing? You bet your sweet ass I will.

Like I’ve said before, I compete for me and no one else. All of these measurables – weight loss, running times, professional achievements – really only matter to ME (which are my first two initials, oddly enough). Sure, people in my life are proud of me, it gives me something to talk about at parties and gatherings and sometimes the odd person will suck in their breath and feign shock/awe/act impressed/what have you and make me feel good about these things, but really, the sense of accomplishment is what drives me forward versus the pats on the back. I like being able to say, “Hey! *I* did that!” Nothing more, nothing less.

But something kind of irks me lately with goals. (Hey - You knew the warm and fuzzies had to end somewhere, people. This is MY blog, after all…)

When people decide other people’s goals for them or decide how they will achieve them, how far they can go, and what their limitations are Yup – that’s when I lose my shizz.

Sure, I can be guilty of this sometimes, telling people I think they can do X or Y, but I never spin it NEGATIVELY (or at least I HOPE that I don’t). What I’m talking about are the people who think because they’ve done that particular a job, run that race or have been to a city too that you won’t be able to pull off that event with great success, or come across the finish line in a certain time or have the time of your life on that trip.

Who. The. Bleep. Are. You?

Not me, sir. Nuh, uh.


You aren’t running 13 miles in these shoes, strategizing with this brain or seeing the world through my eyes, so you really don’t have a right to say how things are going to go, yes? AWESOME! So glad you agree! And of course you would! Unless you have some uncanny ability to predict the future that I was clearly unaware of, you have no freakin clue how things are going to play out. And if that were the case, I would like this weekend’s Lotto Max numbers as I would LURVE to win a few smackaroonis, please and thank you!

That’s right - Ms. Cleo, you ain’t.

So, you may have gotten the best of me to rant and rave here today, but you won’t get the best of me for much longer. I’m going to make the best of it today, tomorrow, and every day. And I hope he does, and she does, and you do and every one else does, too.

People like you won’t make me a fool again. You’ll get the best FROM me, but not the best OF me.

Are y’all with me?


Kimberley said...

I am 100% with you. My best is MY best and your best is YOUR best!

cinemarie said...

High Five! I'm with ya:)

Vickie said...

I would agree with I have to decide what is safe for me (lower back, knees require modifications sometimes), but other than that I under estimate.

I need a class where the instructor is pushing me.

On my own, I get to the "I can't do one more" stage and stop. In a class, I get to that point and then discover that was actually just the first set and there are three more, and I do them (all).

I literally needed someone to tell me I could lose the whole belly - every bit of it - I believed her(trainer who was my yoga/pilates instructor at that time, and she was the only one that told me the whole THING could be totally gone if I lost every single extra pound). If she had not told me that, I would never have done it.

Sarah said...

I'm with you! I missed your post about the marathon, way to go you will rock it all!

Cat said...

love this post, and YOU

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