Race Against the Cupcake

There’s no sense in me keeping it a secret because a) I suck at it and b) I’ve told some people already because of a.

Contrary to what I *may* have said in a drug enhanced, post-race haze after Around the Bay, I will be running my FIRST marathon in Ottawa next May.

So it is written. So it shall be…barring injuries and such, of course.

But right now I’m training for my eighth half mary. Definitely Scotiabank, but could do Island Girl and maybe Goodlife before it moves to the spring next year. Maybe all three for an even 10? Who knows!

But right now I’m also fighting the good fight, as per the usual. Raging a battle with the inner demons.

Which do I want more? To train hard and get back to a PB in the half or to eat cake?Dufflet Pink Velvet from the Pride & Remembrance Run

Or cupcakes?

Or cookies?

Or scones?

Or all of the above?


I can eat well for my three meals a day, seven days of the week. I pack a lunch EVERY DARN DAY and hate going out for dinner. I’m pretty anal about eating lean meats and veggies at every meal and I’m not so big on starchy things like breads and pasta anymore because of the crampy, bloated feeling they give me.

But what the heck is up with the baked treats? They make me pay in almost the EXACT same way and I end up feeling like a giant sack of ass for the rest of the day for that fleeting feeling of…well, whatever it is that cake does to you.

Is it euphoria? Cakegasms? Sugar-highs? Pastry paradise?

What the eff is so great about baked goods? Seriously?

The short answer - NOTHING.

And what’s so great about running? Well, even though it can wreck your body if you’re not careful, there’s definitely a high from it and there’s a HUGE pay-off in the end (without adding anything TO my rear-end in the process if we avoid cake) with the sense of accomplishment, the finisher’s medal, the glory, the high-fives, the Americano at the end…

Really, the cake always loses in this race, no?

So I’ll be wearing a bib in the spring for a fall, but it won’t be for eating cake, my friends. But that race sure will be the icing on my running career, eh?


H-woman said...

Whoo hoo!


Claudia said...

7 half marathons!! WOW that's AMAZING!! Congrats!

Vanessa said...

This is exactly what I needed to read today.

P.S. You are amazing.

cinemarie said...


I'm so excited that you've decided to go for it!!!! YAY!!!! :)

pfffff, you can totally do it! YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK!! :)

I don't know what it is about pastry treats... it's the fact that they 'satisfy' you quickly (no wonder with all the refined sugar and flour...) but then you always feel like more and more and more because they are so 'empty'... argh!

yeah, I'm not helping much am I? lol

cinemarie said...

hey I just realized I'm going to be there that weekend (signed up for the 10k) - I'll try to come cheer on you at the finish line (with S who is also a fan;)! Yay!

Christina said...

You rock Mousearoo!

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...


Good for you girl. You're going to rock it!

hez said...

i knew you would come to your senses sooner or later... :)

The Merry said...

A 'half-Mary' is of course better than none :)

I'm impressed, woman!

Plus, a suggestion: when wrestling with inner demons, bring out the massage oil and start slathering. A well-greased inner demon is a lot more fun to wrestle.

(Yes, I know, I'm being more silly than usual. I'm trying not to take my inner demons too seriously, mostly because that really annoys them.)

Laura said...


Zoe Dancer said...

I just found your blog and am delighted to be here. Accomplishing these running goals is impressive under any circumstances; to accomplish them after having come so far from where you started...well all I can say is, girlfriend, YOU ROCK!!

Love Zoe D.

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