Keeping Your Head in the Game

The bruises and scrapes on mouse's legs and arms from softball

See what can happen when you don’t? Please note that I had my head in the game. I was attempting to catch a ball at second base. The base runner may have been looking at something shiny or a pretty bird or something. We’ll never truly know as the facts always get skewed when stories are retold later on (especially when there are beers and patios involved).

What can not be refuted is that a mouse travelled a few feet  through the air, landed on her right hip and now has some lovely black, blue, purple and red accessories to carry around for the next few weeks.

And now has to tell this story over and over.

AND also has to tell people that she does NOT have an abusive boyfriend.

So although I did have my head in the game up until that point, feeling good, feeling great, feeling wonderful all week, riding high on sweet scent of my x-weighted challenge success, I promptly checked right out of the game after I was knocked to the earth during that game.

Because in the 24 hours after that, I consumed a cupcake, a blizzard, sweet potato fries, an entire container of Liberté Méditerranée yogurt, a bag of nuts, Pizza Pizza, Doritos, and some other stuff that I can’t recall but I know there’s more.

Yeah. Go big or go home, eh?

It’s not that I used my brother’s birthday (Jainey is ollllllllllllllld) on the weekend as an excuse to pig out, and it’s not that this was even the worst pig out that I’ve ever had because this was  nothing because in the grand scheme of things. Even though I listed a lot of crap there, I didn’t overeat as much as I have in the past. I only felt discomfort last night and gave my ice cream away, something that I would have never done in the past.

The problem is that I just stopped caring at some point.

And this is the cycle I go through time and time again that ruins success.

Distraction, not caring, taking my head out of the game. Whether it’s counting points, calories, portions or just making WISE CHOICES – why do I have to go overboard? I don’t have to.

Whether it’s a birthday or a Tuesday, I have to ALWAYS run with my head up.

I can’t afford to go ass over tea kettle every weekend.

It’s too hot to wear pants and long sleeve shirts, for Pete’s sake!

***so, what do YOU do to keep your head in the game and avoid getting steamrolled?***


PunkRockMom said...

That sounds seriously painful;all of it, the injuries, the retelling, the eating. So...what do you do about it all???

marie said...

PFFFT - you think I know what I'm doing?! bahahahha

Campinggirl said...

I definately don't have it figured out but I can tell you that I try REALLY hard to stay on track during the week so that I don't feel so guilty about the weekend slip ups. I also keep nothing "fun" in my house so that if I want something I have to go out and get it. Sometimes that is enough to kill the craving and I figure that if I am willing to drive to the DQ for the Blizzard then so be it. You have to embrace the fun sometimes!

marie said...

That's just it though.

Fun doesn't have to equal food and a lot of the fun on the weekend wasn't surrounded by food.

For instance, we went to see Hole play. No food involved there. Yes, we ate beforehand, but I didn't have to eat as much pizza or have any chips. MY CHOICE.

Cupcakes were, too. But I only had one.

The yogurt was just THERE yesterday morning after my run and I wanted it. NOTHING to do with fun.

I just don't get why sometimes we put food and celebration or reward together. It's not necessary.

Not to say this weekend was balls or that I regret it. I made choices and I live with them.

That's all.

I can be a barrel of monkeys seven days a week. Embracing the fun is not an issue. I don't have to embrace a large blizzard at the same time.

Vickie said...

I can tell you as a mom, I CATCH myself again and again (about to) reinforcing the FOOD thing with kids.

I don't DO IT - I catch myself first - but I see that is where my head goes.

Food does NOT equal love, reward, security, an apology, entertainment, tradition, family.

But that is still where my mind goes. I think because it is SO EASY. Quick too. It takes more effort and imagination and sharing to look for other answers.

marie said...

That's why I like you so much, Vickie :)

Angie All The Way said...

Damn girl, that's a nasty bruise! I hope you're healing up!

The thing I have learned about myself over the last two years now is that I get caught between the rock and the hard place of what is required to lose weight. What is required for me (and most people) is that you count what's going into your body and keep track. If I didn't have to do this, I wouldn't have a weight problem! I wish I was one of those people who can practice consistent portion control without doing this b/c I think it is the very thing that screws me up. And then as a result, after a period of time counting and tracking and even if I'm successfully losing, my brain feels like I've deprived myself of the things I wanted to eat above and beyond what I allowed myself to have during that time. Even if it's a simple thing like making a choice for a healthier alternative, my brain kind of rebels and wants the other thing I made the substitution for, even if I honestly would more enjoy the healthier substitute. It's whacky and it didn't start to happen until "after" I lost all of my weight and was trying to push further past my initial goal.

It's not even always a conscious thing either and I don't realize until after that it was the whole "deprivation" mindset that was causing me to overindulge after a period of on track success.

The positive side to pregnancy weight gain (is there a positive side?) is that I believe that this 9 month period in which I didn't count and track (I tried in the beginning & it was too much for me on a whole lot of levels) seems to have set my brain straight again and I no longer feel like I've "deprived" myself of anything. So when I'm back in the weight loss game come September, I'm "hoping" that I am starting fresh and won't experience any "carry over" deprivation feelings from before. Does any of that make sense?

Dude, I dunno if this responds to your post at all, but it sure was therapeutic for me! lol ;-)

marie said...

@angie - that's the odd thing. I never really felt deprived the entire time on WW. I just have this compulsion to eat, overeat, etc.

It's not so much a deprivation thing as I want it all and I want it NOW.

I'm impatient and gluttonous. I had all of the things I wanted, even the bad things, while I was losing the first go and never felt like I gave anything up.

I still don't give things up, I just don't watch what I'm doing sometimes.

For me it's a greed thing, for sure. Nothing more.

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