Just when I thought it was over…

So, I thought the X-weighted Challenge ended today. I was happy, sad, apathetic – a whole whack of things, much like I am with huge chunks of my life lately.

But then I saw that it OFFICIALLY ends on Saturday, AFTER I already entered my weight.Weigh In for July 5 - 154.9

Eff. Me.

Whatever. My goal of 154 was sort of met. I hit 154.9. Frankly, I say that’s a success. I don’t give a flying fig newton about the .9. Target hit. Mission accomplished. Sound the trumpets. Hand me the oversized novelty cheque, please, and cue the photographers.

But yeah -  apparently I wasn’t supposed to enter my weight, pictures, or measurements today, which wasn’t mentioned on the site when I logged in but I read it after the fact in a tweet. Awesomesauce.

So I have a few more days to eek out a couple more pounds, should I want to starve myself or do something completely nutty (or just eat healthy considering the diet of ice cream that I’m currently on) but I’m not sure if I can go back and change my entry.

I should be happy, right?


Actually, I AM happy WITH my body, weight, whatever right now. I look at my reflection fully clothed and think, “hey – you’re looking a-ok!” I’ve definitely got more confidence in a lot of areas but lacking in others (more of a professional thing, I think. But that’s not for the blog or public consumption, really). Naked is always another story, but that always comes down to a comfort level with that one other person and it comes in time when you get to know someone. But again, not really something I want to discuss here and now, especially given so many of my family members read this and we all know how much I LOOOOOOVE talking about my love life. *gag*

So this means I’m in a healthy weight range again.

*pause for stunned silence*

Yeah – no wonder I’m kinda diggin’ on my reflection lately.

So forget that I’m not going to make my goal-aversery in less than two weeks. Forget that I may never make it to the 130s again. I’m a size healthy.

That’s the shizz, my friends.

Challenge or no challenge, I got my head back in the game this year. It took me six months to get here, but I did it.

Now I have to make sure I don’t put my head up my ass again and stay comfortable in my skin.

Because that challenge is NEVER truly over.


Campinggirl said...

Congrats on getting to size "healthy"! You are an inspiration to those of us who are making our way there.

Kimberley said...

Size healthy is the best size there is! Congratulations!

H-woman said...

Way to go, Mouse! Nuthin' wrong with healthy size.


PunkRockMom said...

"I’m a size healthy."


Angie All The Way said...

Friggin right you should be proud because lady, you have reminded me that even if your head falls astray after weight loss success, it's possible to get it back again. I mean it, for real. It gives me a boost for when I'm ready to get back into the weight loss game again in September. And boys oh boys I'll be back in the game I tell ya!

The naked thing is never something that can be fixed with the number on the scale and I totally get what you're sayin girlfriend.

Laura said...

I lurve you. That is all.

rachel said...

congrats on getting down to the healthy weight range! you are such an inspiration and i've been reading your blog lately. i'm similiarly on weight watchers and am just wondering, if you have any tips on how to start running? i would really like to and reading your stories of running races has inspired me to want to run a half marathon, 5k or 10k someday.

Shrunk said...

WTG Mouse! I just got back to a size "healthy" again a month ago. Seems like we're always in the same place in our weight loss/gain/maintain journey's. I need to get back to my running!

Anyways, just popped by to check on you, see how things are going. I haven't been reading the blogs for quite some time, but I'm glad that you're doing well! :O)

Tummy Tuck said...

Challenge or no challenge, that's still a great development. Congratulations!

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