I'm Strong to the Finish When I Eats Me Spinach

So I’m still trying to avoid pastas, breads, cereals as much as possible because they’re still somewhat of a pain in the gut.

But I crave noodles. A lot.

So I’m at the grocery store the other day with the weirdest craving for Chef Boyardee ravioli. I have no clue why as I haven’t had it since my nieces were over at Christmas and THAT was what they wanted to eat for dinner, but there I was standing in a local Metro, staring down cans of pasta and trying to talk myself out of it at the same time.

Y&Y Brand Spinach Rice VermicelliFinally, I decide to leave and spin around to find these bad boys courtesy of Y&Y Brand.

Rice vermicelli is nothing new to me, but SPINACH rice vermicelli? Come again?

I was intrigued, to say the least.  We know how I love me my veggies.

So they’re super simple to cook, of course. Two minutes in boiling water and you’ve got yourself some noodles. I’ve read reviews elsewhere on the ‘net that complained of a smell and showed some disgusting, goopy green water, but I didn’t experience either when I made them.

Inside the package you’ll find four perfect little nests of pasta, each coming out to about 5 POINTS, a bit higher than a portion of whole wheat pasta. If only I had found brown rice vermicelli, which the store stocks but Spinach Rice Vermicelli with pork, tomatoes, broccoli slaw and spinach the shelf was empty, I would have had noodles were on par in terms of POINTS (3) with the regular ww pasta.

Because I can’t get enough veggies, I added broccoli slaw, MORE spinach, tomatoes and a pork chop (I have a weird obsession with pork lately) to the noodles for a REALLY filling meal.

I didn’t mind it at all and it didn’t upset my stomach, so I will be eating the noodles again and DEFINITELY be on the hunt for the brown rice ones.

Mouse approved.

**Have you ever been faced with a craving in a store, settled on something else, perhaps something you’ve never tried before, and being pleasantly surprised? Or even disappointed? **





cinemarie said...

my - this looks good! Never heard of spinach rice vermicelli but I've been craving noodles these days too so I might give them a try! With the pork and the veggies? *drool* :)

Nif said...

I friggin' LOVE Chef Boyardee. His ravioli was my favourite as a kid. However, I will go outside the box and try the vermicelli - only because it has the Good Mousekeeping seal of approval.

JavaChick said...

We buy spinach rice vermicelli all the time. Husband likes to make himself soup and throw them in and we've had them with stir fry veg & chicken...I don't recall any bad smells or goopy water. But, we buy a lot of asian noodles, so maybe we're just used to them.

Glad you found something to feed your craving and not hurt your tummy!

Sam said...

I thought the noodles would be . . . greener. How did the noodles themselves taste? Mouthfeel?

elisaannh said...

I get sick from grains too, but the rice noodles were always a safe and good option for me. I have shied away from the carb level lately, but would recommend them to others. I have not tried the spinach ones, I get mine at an Asian Market. I also like the bean thread noodles. Tummy Safe.

Tummy Tuck said...

OMG, that certainly looks delicious! Do you have any more recipes for this one???

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