Suck it up and get skirted.

So a lot of crap went down around here on the weekend.

Feel free to Google it because I’m not going to dwell on it. I had a bad enough week when a bunch of asshats decided to come to my city and throw rocks into windows and run amok.

What’s done is done, the rain washed away bad feelings, others have surfaced among other people, but the sun rose this morning and the start of a new week has begun. No more of this funk and oh woe is me crap.

This is a new week. A week that marks another celebration that I’m all for. A party that takes over my neighbourhood, the gaybourhood, every June and was delayed a week because of certain aforementioned shenanigans.

It’s time for Pride in Toronto, which means it’s time for a certain group of men to don small pieces of cloth and run a 5km that starts in the village and loops around Queen’s Park.

And then we eat cake. This is a gay catered affair, after all.

It’s the Pride & Remembrance Run, kiddies, and team Go Skirt! is ready for action.

34472_405042931902_506511902_462364[1]Well, some of them are.

Jainey may have taken a  team member out to get skirted yesterday with much success and fannyfare.

The skirts, of course, are top secret (unless you’re a fb friend where the shameless hussies are showing their wares for all to see).

Here, all you get is Jainey giving noogies to poor defenceless mannequin.

The brute!

But if you want to be the opposite of a brute, be a superfantabulous person and donate to the charities that will receive support as a result of this AWESOME event, head on over here, search for Jainey, myself or any other of the Go Skirt! team and hand over your hard earned pesos. Fife House, The Pride and Remembrance Foundation and Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies would love you forever.

And we promise no mannequins will be hurt in the process.

And maybe Jainey will send you his love, too.

Or at least an autographed picture of him in a skirt for $5 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

A girl has to eat, ya know.


Laura said...

Asshats makes me laugh everytime. Same with ClusterF&*k...which last week was in my opinion.
Go Pride....

marie said...

Oooh! Good one! I need creative ways in which to not swear ;)


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