Sometimes Free Isn’t Worth It…

So a few weeks ago I was told I won a prize.

Winning stuff is pretty freakin’ fantastic, if I do say so myself. It’s even GREATER when it’s a week’s worth of food. Hello, no cooking and not having to spend a whack of cash on groceries!


And say hello to the new rubber boots that I bought with the money I spent that kept me dry while camping with my Scouts this weekend :)

So after a week or so, I was contacted by the company, Rose Reisman’s Personal Gourmet daily food delivery service, to set up the delivery of my three meal and two snack plan for seven days.

After going over my details (height, weight, age, activity level), the lovely lady on thePersonal Gourmet website phone determined that I’d need 1400 calories a day.

Um…come again?

I said that I lead an EXTREMELY active lifestyle.

When I balked at this, she seemed a bit shocked that I wasn’t keen on reducing my caloric intake to lose weight. Well, considering I’m right on the edge of my healthy weight range and I’m very active, I would think you’d give me a few more calories to work with, hun. And when I told her that I’d prefer to keep my daily limit more toward 1800 NORMALLY, she wasn’t sure what to do with it.


Knowing that I wasn’t going to be on this for long, I left it as it was, let her set up my account and poked around the site. I took their calorie calculator to see if I could boost my daily calorie count and found that no matter what I put in for my activity level, it would ALWAYS give me back 1400 calorie per day meal plans with my height/weight/age. I even tried switching from their healthy living to their weight loss plan. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or if that’s just all that they offer for women. SO. Annoying! 

What was more annoying was that the delivery times for the program are in the evening from 8pm until 2am (so they say), so I could only order food for MondayChicken, noodles & bokchoy to Wednesday this week, and will try them again Monday and Tuesday for the next two weeks. Why? 1. because life is a bit bananas for me with Running Room two nights a week and just my crazy arse life, and 2. A lot of of the food choices have something  that I can’t eat in them.

Their FAQs state that they have enough options available that food allergies can be accommodated, but there was one particular day where all three options for dinner had me at a loss. One had sausage, another tofu and the third had a peanut sauce, so I had to cancel the order for the day and submit an order for next week instead because their delivery schedule didn’t fit MY schedule.

This leaves me with no real conclusion as to whether the program is good for anything though, right? I mean I can’t follow it for seven days straight so I’m not going to see results or notice anything, no?

Well, after two days I’m already noticing something.

First, I noticed that the food that came to me ACTUALLY was a 1300 calorie meal plan and NOT the 1400 that my online account says. That’s kind of heart warming.

Second, I want to eat everything in sight.

This is like eating lean cuisine morning, noon and night. They’ve given me teeny portions of food, with larger calorie meals left for dinner, but added sauces and such to make it seem as though I’m not sacrificing taste the pathetic piece of cheese that was my snack todayand flavour, but my tummy is noticing that by doing so, they’ve …uh…forgotten the food!

Like look at the cheese portion I had today.


That was literally my snack. The cube of cheese and a plum. I *get* that it IS a portion of cheese, but REALLY! What the eff?! Give a mouse a real piece of cheese, not one little crumb!

But the BEST was yesterday’s afternoon snack. disgusting blue cheese dip with wilted and brown endive

It didn’t even survive from Monday night until Tuesday afternoon. It was supposed to be a blue cheese and ricotta spread with endives, but was more like smelly vomit with  some brown wilted stuff.

Given that this is all free, I didn’t care. I just chucked the thing in the trash and went to Starbucks for a snack, but if I had to pay for this stuff, I’d be MIGHTY PEEVED that your fresh, gourmet food was spoiling on my ass.


So don’t let the pretty packaging (it comes in lovely cellophane tied with gold twist-ties, great plastic containers, branded cooler bags, etc.), great food pictures and testimonials fool you. It is a bit too good to be true and really is just high priced frozen entrees with a slightly better taste/ingredients.

It tastes great (when it isn’t spoiled), but it’s NOT filling.


Vickie said...

maybe you said and I missed it - but what is the sodium content of all this?

Healthy Lynn said...

I adore and value your honesty. :)

Samantha said...

1400 calaries really? Thats definitely not enough for an active person!! I try to aim for 1800 myself but on the days I run for 1hr+ I feel like thats not even enough. I'm glad you are getting this free or else I'd think you were getting ripped off.

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