Seven Things I Can’t Run Without

So a week or so ago (while I had my head up my arse), the lovely Laura tagged me in one of those meme like things which we all hate love.

We all know how I rock these.

Rules, schmules, seven things, yadda, yadda.

So without further adieu, I give seven things that I can’t run without, as I talk a lot about running lately, and our half marathon clinic starts this week. WHEEEEEEE!!!

  1. Bert – Who the frack is Bert, you ask? Well, he’s my new Garmin 405 and he’s frackin FANTASTIC. I’ve had a 205 for a couple of years and it has served me well but I’ve wanted one with a Heart Rate Monitor as many of my migraines are exercise induced and are as a result of me pushing myself too hard in a race. Now I’m able to see when and where I’m going too hard and back off a bit. So. Awesome.
  2. Water belt – Anyone who runs long distances in the heat knows how important it is to stay hydrated. I had been running with a Fuel Belt but recently found a Nathan belt that is much more appealing. I can’t wait to get it for training this summer! WHEEE!
  3. iPod – Although the majority of my runs this summer will be with a group, my short runs are on my own as are my races. Given that I tend to have a lot of negative conversations with myself while running, music is kind of important, so I run with my trusty iPod touch. I have to admit, it’s one of the most annoying & cumbersome things to run with, but a necessary evil sometimes. I love my loud, screamy tunes.
  4. Shoes – Kind of a “duh,” but the RIGHT shoes are SOOOO important and so many people who start running think that picking any old running shoe off of the wall at their local sporting good store will be a-ok for them. For the love of all things cheesy, please do NOT DO THIS. Go to your local running store, whatever it is, ask for help, let them fit you and then shop around for the cheapest price if you have to. You’re not BOUND to buying shoes from them and paying the highest price, but learn what type of shoe your little footsie needs. Running is going to screw up your body enough on its own, don’t mess around with shoes. I know that I can only run in Asics 1150s, Adidas Supernova Sequence and Nike Spans, all stability shoes, and I won’t deviate from them.
  5. I.D. – Although I run with Running Room three days a week when I’m with a clinic, I still run on my own. Even though you can’t really run with a wallet, purse, etc., you still NEED to run with some sort of I.D. should (heaven forbid) SOMETHING happen to you. For me, I like to run with my Ontario Health Card. Why? It is not only a perfect form of I.D. as it clearly states who the heck I am, but it also shows that I have chosen to be a organ donor should something truly unfortunate happen to me *knock on wood*.
  6. Dailymile – O.k., so I technically run WITHOUT this, but I big puffy heart this site. Sometimes it’s hard to see the stats on my Garmin WHILE I run, so having a place to dump all of my run data and see neat little charts and graphs is awesome. Plus, they sync my GPS making data entry effortless and completely accurate (as long as it gets a perfect GPS signal). Stats are always good for measuring progress (and a little bit of regression, too).
  7. Friends – Running groups have really helped keep me on track and motivated, especially for long runs. There is NOTHING pleasant about a 18km run or longer on your own. And when I don’t have company with me, I bring people with me in my pocket. I think of all of my running buddies, both near and far, and they keep me company, on training runs and races. It helps in terms of inspiration and motivation.

So, what are YOUR must haves for a run? A bike? A hike? A walk? What keeps you going? On the right path? Onward toward the goal? Focused for the finish line?

Share your secrets.


Tamara said...

Well, if I were running, which I'm not these days (baaaaad Tamara), I would run with my IPod shuffle and my house key and that's it. Not smart I'm guessing.

Hey, I like loud screamy tunes too. You should post a playlist!

Kimberley said...

For a long walk or a hike I need water, fruit, nuts and Larabars.

Laura said...

Rule breaker...:)
I had an unhealthy obesssion with my Garmin so I never run without it. Same with water, a hat or bondiband and of late my sunglasses. I have a lovely racoon-eye tan on the go...

sunshine! said...

Right now I'm doing all of my working out in my gardens......and the one thing I can't do without is one or both of my cats! They help........by getting in the way.

Samantha said...

Great list! Things I need when I run are my iPod, my new running shoes, my Nike running belt (to hold my keys, a bit of money for water etc and my Nike+ running chip that tracks my distance and time.

Anavar said...

I run only with one bottle of water and shades if these is a sun. And I totally agree that good running shoes are so important!

Sarah said...

I love all the same things, except I don't have a garmin which I would totally love to have and I prefer to run alone. My other must have is a hat, can't do glasses as I sweat too much but my hat is my best bud.

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