Did someone say free yoga?

As much as getting out there and running my butt off is important in training for a race, so is cross-training. My friend Sam & I (as well as many of our other running friends – I know you’re reading CS!) have sung the praises of a certain bootcamp instructor that we adore dearly for when we’re looking to get our butts into shape, but we’re also HUGE fans of yoga for our off days…or any ol’ day for that matter.Kingwest Fitness - All you can yoga - Free June 5& 6 www.kingwestfitness.com

But Tdot girls (and all three men that probably read my blog) lookie here (sorry everyone else)!

Kingwest Fitness, an awesome gym in Liberty Village, is having All You Can Yoga weekends.

That’s right – yoga for freeeeeeeeeeeee.

Who doesn’t like that price? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

So what’s the catch, you ask? Apparently NONE.  Everyone is welcome, there is no need to register, and it’s completely FREE!

You can attend multiple classes and even go back-to-back days.


They’re hosting the first weekend this Saturday & Sunday, June 5-6th, again July 10-11th and August 14-15th.

Classes are at 10a.m., 11:15a.m., 12:30p.m., 1:45p.m., & 3:00p.m.

What’s in it for the mouse, you ask? Nada. I’m getting bupkis out of the dealio except the free class should I decide to go.

I just like sharing free stuff with the rest of y’all.

And for my outside of TO friends, you can find tons of free stuff online at other places, like here, here and here.

So go forth and find free shizz. NOW.


But in the interest of starting conversation here, what are your best online resources for free stuff? What about in your neighbourhood? Where do you look first to find free events, products, or anything else? Let the frugalness commence! SHARE THE WEALTH!!!


Angie All The Way said...


I recently subscribed to stealthedeal.com for Halifax so every day I get an email with the deal of the day. Not free, but 2 for 1 mani/pedi combos, tickets for stuff etc. There's one for Toronto too!

Im a girl who loves a deal!

marie said...

oooh! Smart!

I also remembered Freecycle. Granted, it's used stuff most times, but the stuff is still freeeeeeeeeeee!

Laura said...

I (heart) these sites...

ClutterMcGee :) said...

me? IM ADDICTED TO www.bigbigsavings.com

Its bad---even though its free.

Claire said...

We like groupon.com. They send a daily email with a deal that lasts only for the day. I got five days at a bootcamp for $25.00. They have deals for restaurants and a variety of other stuff.

I've also bought things on Woot.com, which also has a deal that lasts 24 hours, changing every night at midnight. They do have "Woot-offs" where the deals change quickly all day long.

Sam said...

Teambuy.ca, Teamsave.com, Wagjag.com are all great sites, like Groupon.

Teambuy had a half price 5-class yoga pass at your favorite: Iam Yoga, not too long ago.

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