Dear Body,


You’ve been teasing me by teetering on the edge of my healthy weight range for the last few weeks.

It’s like you KNOW that I only need to get down to 154 to meet my X-weighted goal.

But then you’ve got to cooperate with me so we can lose another nine pounds and meet my goal-a-versary by mid-July.

But it’s cool if we don’t meet that deadline exactly.

Just getting there at SOME POINT this year would be pretty fantastic.

You see, I just want to be able to enjoy certain things again, you know? Like running a little more effortlessly, helping me get my half marathon time back under 2:20,  putting on pants without that ridiculous dance (y’all know EXACTLY what I’m talking about), wearing clothes that have been sitting in my closet all lonely and sad like, and  eating food without IMMENSE guilt.

But I’d like to say thanks, really. Things have been pretty fab lately. Although some days I feel like an absolute slob and like I’m still well over 200lbs, you’re not letting me down. We seem to be getting along fairly well (with the exception of those weird pains with pastas, flours and rice, so if you could stop with that, I’d love you forever because I REALLY want to enjoy the spaghetti I’m eating tonight) and the digital devil is slowly but surely telling me so.

But we need to make a team effort to get there.

I mean, you do your part, although you go through batteries like I go through a bag of potato chips and are about as consistent as the weather lately, but I really can’t complain.

As much as I hate the rolls on my abdomen that will probably be there forever, you serve me well, old pal.

I’m glad we’re friends.

Let’s keep it that way and continue to work together.

Keep on fighting the good fight!




Tricia said...


Samantha said...

Very cute!

Laura said...

Well said. I'm convinced my body is a hoarder and only lets go when I stage a training intervention.

Miz said...

and I love the "Im glad we're friends" line.

Sarah said...

You did a fantastic job Mouse! Way to go!!

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